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Monday, November 18, 2013

What's In My Bag This Week?

Listerine and Pain Killers
If you've been following my on any social media then you're probably sick of me complaining about having my wisdom tooth removed, but that's basically all I've been able to think about for the past fortnight (the searing pain in my mouth is quite distracting). Infections after having a tooth removed are too common but I managed to avoid it with consistent rinsing using mouth wash. This little travel bottle has gone everywhere with me.

Audio books
I woke up one morning, opened my laptop and noticed that I had somehow signed up for an audible account the night before. I don't remember doing it but I'm a go-with-the-flow type of person so I perused the 'recently added' section and settled on 'Melissa Explains It All' by Melissa Joan Hart. I love that it's read by her, rather than a narrator, and I'm definitely counting it towards my reading goal for the year - the audio goes for nearly 8 hours, as opposed to that 3-4 hours I'd spend reading the book.

My Laptop
I've been spending all my free time (literally every available minute) prepping this new blog. I've had to relearn CSS and brush up on my HTML, I've been planning posts, notifying PR's of the move and making sure everything was ready for launch day. The Macbook Air is so light and small that it's super convenient to carry around with me.

Boost Juice VIBE Card
This card has been very well loved this week. After I had the stitches removed from my mouth and was able to use straws again I started downing Boost Juices while running around during the day. Eating solid foods is still a little bit of a challenge so juices and smoothies have been my breakfast and lunch of choice. A fresh squeezed apple and watermelon juice is my current favourite and with a VIBE card you get your 11th drink free!

Laura Mercier Hand Cream
I work in an office fueled by recycled air which, while is great for the environment, is terrible for my skin. I layer on hand cream like no tomorrow and I've been loving the Laura Mercier hand creams this week, particularly the scent 'Creme Brule' (because who doesn't want to smell like dessert).

Week Wrap Up
It's been a pretty busy week for me, catching up on everything I missed out on while I was resting after going to the dentist. I'm hoping that the next two weeks fly by and then I'm off to New Zealand with my sister!

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