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Monday, November 18, 2013

The End Of An Era - A Goodbye and Hello

I started EasyDress.org in 2009 as a little beauty and fashion blog and the overwhelming amount of love you have shown it has been incredible. With the success of Easy Dress, my love of blogging and my changing interests I started EasyBite.org in early 2013 to give me a space to write about food and health. I didn't realise that having two blogs would become a full time job, something that I just didn't have time to dedicate myself too while working a separate full-time job in the corporate world.

After months of thinking, planning and seeking advice from friends I have decided to combine Easy Dress and Easy Bite into one brand new lifestyle blog to encompass all of my interests. I have written so many blog posts that just sit in my drafts folder because they don't fit into either of my two genres with Easy Dress and Easy Bite. A brand new blog will give me free space to blog about whatever my heart desires and that's incredibly exciting for me.

Easy Dress and Easy Bite will still exist but they'll be merged into one. I'll still be blogging about beauty, fashion, food and health, along with many other topics. Social issues, book reviews, even a journal, that's the beauty of this new blog, it's exactly who I am without having to squeeze into a genre.

Having one blog will let me post more often and on a broader range of topics. There are easy navigational tools so you can select to just read beauty posts or to just read food posts (almost like they're separate blogs) so you'll be able to find the posts you're interested in quickly.

I'm equal parts excited and nervous but I think you'll like what I have planned for this new blog.

I hope you'll follow me over to rebeccalife.com and see for yourself.

Thank you for all the love and support you've shown me on EasyDress.org and EasyBite.org for the past four years. These two blogs aren't going anywhere, they've just combined and had a face lift.


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