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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Current (Amazing) Skincare Routine

There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on make up if you don't take care of the skin underneath it.

I've always had a pretty thorough skin care routine and while I've never suffered from acne, I do have acne prone skin and skin care plays a huge part in whether my skin is clear or blemished. The more chemicals and treatments I use, the more I break out. I've been using the same products for about a year now and am incredibly happy with the results. Using these products has saved my skin, my skin was always on the verge of breaking out, dull, lifeless and irritated. Now I'm literally glowing and for the first time ever I have well behaved skin.

I've become a huge fan of Kora Organics and after countless repurchases they've become staples in my skin care routine. This is going to look like a bit of a Kora love-fest but I do use other brands as well.

I'll list which products I use morning and night at the bottom of the post.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O
I don't know what this miracle liquid is made of or how it came to be, but it's amazing. I remove every single bit of my make up with it in less than a minute. It's fragrance-free and non-irritation, my sensitive skin loves it. I've gone through about 5 500ml bottles of Bioderma since I found it a year or so ago. It's the only product I trust to remove my make up without irritating my skin.

Kora Organics Cream Cleanser
I have a full review of this product here. It's gentle on my skin and cleanses without stripping. It's designed for normal/sensitive/dry skin but I find that it's the best product for my normal/oily skin. I've tried the Kora Foaming Cleanser for oily skin but I prefer the cream.

Kora Organics Exfoliating Cream
This cream is incredible gentle but still buffs away any dry skin. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and never irritates, even in sensitive areas such as my chin and around my nose.

Kora Organics Purifying Mud Mask
I've never been a fan of face masks because they've always irritated my skin and I'd be left dealing with blemishes and acne for days after. This mask gives my skin a thorough clean while hydrating it at the same time. The last thing I want to do is put make up on after using this mask, it leaves my skin so soft and fresh.

Kora Organics Purifying Moisturiser

I have oily skin and have always chosen to use a lighter moisturiser, I don't need the same type of hydration that someone with dry skin would need. Unfortunately lighter moisturisers are typically too gentle to penetrate the skin. This moisturiser from Kora is absolutely wonderful as a day and night cream, it's light enough to wear under make up, is slightly mattifying but is also nourishing enough for night time. 

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil
If you're not currently using rose hip oil on your skin then stop reading this blog post, run down to your local pharmacy and pick some up, you can thank me later. Not only is it incredibly hydrating to dry skin, it's also fantastic for oil control on oily skin. It makes pores less visible, it give your skin an incredible glow, it fades acne scars and darker spots, it tones skin and is an incredibly anti-aging serum. I use two drops all over my face after my moisturiser at night (if you use a heavy moisturiser or night cream then apply the rose hip oil first). Trilogy is my favourite rose hip oil, it's pure, light and sits really nicely on the skin.

Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream
I've been using this eye cream for about a year now purely for anti-aging measures. I don't have dry skin around my eyes but my fair complexion does give me dark circles. This cream helps to minimise them and I also find that it locks my under eye concealer in place also. It's wonderfully hydrating and just as a side note, I noticed my eye lashes getting fuller almost a month after I started using it. I love how silky it applies to the skin and how a little goes a long, long way.

Below is my typical morning and night skin care routine using the products mentioned above.

Kora Organics Cleanser
Kora Organics Moisturiser
Origins Eye Cream

Bioderma Sensibo Creline
Kora Organics Cleanser
Kora Organics Exfoliator (every 2-3 nights only)
Kora Organics Moisturiser
Trilogy Rose Hip Oil
Origins Eye Cream

Kora Organics Purifying Mud Mask (every 1-2 weeks)

So what's your skin care routine like, have you tried any of these products? Is there something you recommend I try? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @ohrebeccalife =)

Animal Testing:
Bioderma, Kora Organics, Origins and Trilogy do not test on animals.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What's In My Bag This Week?

Listerine and Pain Killers
If you've been following my on any social media then you're probably sick of me complaining about having my wisdom tooth removed, but that's basically all I've been able to think about for the past fortnight (the searing pain in my mouth is quite distracting). Infections after having a tooth removed are too common but I managed to avoid it with consistent rinsing using mouth wash. This little travel bottle has gone everywhere with me.

Audio books
I woke up one morning, opened my laptop and noticed that I had somehow signed up for an audible account the night before. I don't remember doing it but I'm a go-with-the-flow type of person so I perused the 'recently added' section and settled on 'Melissa Explains It All' by Melissa Joan Hart. I love that it's read by her, rather than a narrator, and I'm definitely counting it towards my reading goal for the year - the audio goes for nearly 8 hours, as opposed to that 3-4 hours I'd spend reading the book.

My Laptop
I've been spending all my free time (literally every available minute) prepping this new blog. I've had to relearn CSS and brush up on my HTML, I've been planning posts, notifying PR's of the move and making sure everything was ready for launch day. The Macbook Air is so light and small that it's super convenient to carry around with me.

Boost Juice VIBE Card
This card has been very well loved this week. After I had the stitches removed from my mouth and was able to use straws again I started downing Boost Juices while running around during the day. Eating solid foods is still a little bit of a challenge so juices and smoothies have been my breakfast and lunch of choice. A fresh squeezed apple and watermelon juice is my current favourite and with a VIBE card you get your 11th drink free!

Laura Mercier Hand Cream
I work in an office fueled by recycled air which, while is great for the environment, is terrible for my skin. I layer on hand cream like no tomorrow and I've been loving the Laura Mercier hand creams this week, particularly the scent 'Creme Brule' (because who doesn't want to smell like dessert).

Week Wrap Up
It's been a pretty busy week for me, catching up on everything I missed out on while I was resting after going to the dentist. I'm hoping that the next two weeks fly by and then I'm off to New Zealand with my sister!

Divergent by Veronica Roth - Book Review

This review contains no spoilers.

Beatrice Prior is sixteen, the age where all teenagers in dystopian Chicago must choose which of the five factions to align themselves with for life. Each faction represents a virtue, Candor values Honesty, Abnegation values Selflessness, Amity values Peace, Dauntless values Bravery and Erudite values Knowledge.

Beatrice has grown up Abnegation, her parents are proud Abnegations and, along with her brother, they are among the most selfless people she knows. It was going to be an easy decision, Beatrice would choose to remain Abnegation, as almost all Abnegations did. But in her aptitude test to reveal which faction she is most suited too, all her plans fall apart. She learns a personal and dangerous secret about herself, she is Divergent.

She is told to keep the secret, to never reveal it to anyone or her life will be in danger. Divergents are suited to more than one faction and they are rare, almost unheard of. Divergents don't survive.

At the choosing ceremony, Beatrice becomes Dauntless and is exposed to a new world of risk taking and danger. She is forced to face fears that she never even knew she had. The secret of her Divergence isn't easy to keep and she is constantly under threat of exposure, especially when she realises that she is part of a much larger plan.

Divergent is fast paced and exciting. It's in incredibly fun book with characters that you can relate too. I picked it up just to read a few chapters one night and became trapped in the story, I've even gone back and read my favourite parts again.

It's a turbulent ride of danger, risk-taking, love and self-discovery. When reading the book you can tell that something big is building, the adrenalin builds as the story goes on and the final third of the book switches to an action packed adventure and moves so quickly you almost feel like you've been slapped in the face (in the best way possible).

Divergent is an absolutely thrilling ride and is suited to readers of all ages. I would class it as an action/adventure novel that is set in a Dystopian world, rather than a full blown Dystopian novel.

I give it 5 stars, I can't flaw Divergent. It was fantastic from beginning to end.

The End Of An Era - A Goodbye and Hello

I started EasyDress.org in 2009 as a little beauty and fashion blog and the overwhelming amount of love you have shown it has been incredible. With the success of Easy Dress, my love of blogging and my changing interests I started EasyBite.org in early 2013 to give me a space to write about food and health. I didn't realise that having two blogs would become a full time job, something that I just didn't have time to dedicate myself too while working a separate full-time job in the corporate world.

After months of thinking, planning and seeking advice from friends I have decided to combine Easy Dress and Easy Bite into one brand new lifestyle blog to encompass all of my interests. I have written so many blog posts that just sit in my drafts folder because they don't fit into either of my two genres with Easy Dress and Easy Bite. A brand new blog will give me free space to blog about whatever my heart desires and that's incredibly exciting for me.

Easy Dress and Easy Bite will still exist but they'll be merged into one. I'll still be blogging about beauty, fashion, food and health, along with many other topics. Social issues, book reviews, even a journal, that's the beauty of this new blog, it's exactly who I am without having to squeeze into a genre.

Having one blog will let me post more often and on a broader range of topics. There are easy navigational tools so you can select to just read beauty posts or to just read food posts (almost like they're separate blogs) so you'll be able to find the posts you're interested in quickly.

I'm equal parts excited and nervous but I think you'll like what I have planned for this new blog.

I hope you'll follow me over to rebeccalife.com and see for yourself.

Thank you for all the love and support you've shown me on EasyDress.org and EasyBite.org for the past four years. These two blogs aren't going anywhere, they've just combined and had a face lift.