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Monday, August 12, 2013

Christian Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm

The beauty community has been going mental for this lip balm lately so it was inevitable that I'd get my paws on it sooner or later. My lips are prone to chapping, I apply lip balm roughly 10 times per day to stop them from drying out. I've tried great balms and I've tried poor balms, I expected this one to be great.
I use a general lip balm during the day (Nivea Essential Care, usually) and then a more hydrating, intense balm in the evening and night.
Let’s start with the packaging. The cheap feeling plastic isn't what I expected from a $43 Christian Dior lip balm, it's flimsy, scratches easily and after two weeks of floating around my handbag it leaves little to be desired. I know there's only so much you can do with plastic but I expected something a little more inviting.
Inside the packaging you'll find 7.2 grams of product, it's not a lot but I knew that when I bought it. In my experience, intense and less concentrated lip balms require less product per use and just less use in general. After two weeks of use however, I've almost finished the entire thing. THE ENTIRE THING! The reason for this is that the balm only seems to provide any sort of comfort or nourishment while it's physically on your lips, once it's absorbed there's no lasting protection or hydration. This balm absorbs completely within 15 minutes, meaning that I'm reapplying it constantly.
All of this is a real shame because when it comes to consistency and texture, Creme de Rose gets it right, I'd go as far as saying that the texture of this lip balm is absolutely perfect. There's enough slip to it that I can move my lips together easily and it's not sticky at all. It feels weightless and my hair doesn't stick to it when I start dancing around my house (which I tend to do more often than not). Most thick lip balms can't perfect this like Creme de Rose has, too bad the actual product is useless.

It has a strong rose scent but it doesn't smell artificial and coming from a beauty house that prides itself on perfumes, I would expect nothing less. The scent it a little bitter with just a hint of sweet, much like real roses. The scent doesn't linger for long but it's nice while it does.
There is no colour transfer, while the balm looks pink in the pot it will apply clear which is to be expected
So this balm definitely isn't for me, perhaps those with less need for hydration, nourishment and protection will like it a bit better but personally, I'd give it a miss.
Creme de Rose will cost you $43 at Dior counters in Australia (or $27 at Dior counters, Sephora and Nordstrom in the US)


Ms Jelena said...

How disappointing! At first sight, it looked like it was a luxe leather packaging, rather than plastic!



Chelsea said...

I had this exact problem with a Sally Hansen lip balm - I applied it about every 10 minutes, it was horrible!