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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kora Organics Cream Cleanser!

I've been swinging through a love-affair lately, a deep, passionate love affair with Kora Organics. I'd been eyeing the products for such a long time and was hesitant to buy them because my skin is sensitive and I have allergic reactions to lavender. 
After a few sneaky tests (hiding in a secluded corner of David Jones with a tester bottle in hand) I jumped  in and purchased the Cream Cleanser. Needless to say, it didn't take long before I'd accumulated an array of Kora products and was loving every second of it.
The cream cleanser is targeted at normal, dry or sensitive skin and it's definitely not irritating to my break out prone, combination-oily, sensitive skin. It's base ingredients are Camomile and Aloe Vera which are excellent at healing and soothing dry or irritated skin. It has nourishing macadamia and avocado oils as well as my personal favourite, Rose Hip Oil. Vitamin E and Noni Extract make skin vibrant and luminous while adding anti-aging properties.
All of the ingredients are completely natural and almost 90% of them are from organic farming. There are no sulfates, parabens, silicones or glycols (which irritate the skin and are unnecessary ingredients) and it's also free of synthetic fragrances and colours, which can also cause allergic reactions.
I have very sensitive skin and it took me a long, long time to figure that out. For so many years I've been treating my skin with anti-acne products and just making things worse. For me, anti-acne product just seem to irritate my skin and cause acne, since I've started treating my skin as 'Sensitive Skin' I've been acne free and am only prone to slight blemishes around certain (hormonal) times of the month. The Kora Organics Cream Cleanser doesn't irritate my skin, it doesn't spark up any acne or blemishes and it gives my skin such a radiant luminosity.
The main complaint I hear about the brand is the price but I'd like to point out something quickly while I have your attention. If you go an pick up your bottle of chemical-based cleanser, you're going to notice that one of the first ingredients is water. Your product is watered down to accommodate to the regular amount of product that people use. This Kora Organics cleaner contains no water, it's incredibly concentrated which means you only need to use a very small amount, the picture below shows exactly how much of the product I use at a time.

I use it morning and night (and occasionally in the middle of the day if I was changing my make up) and one bottle lasts me about 3 months (roughly 100 applications).
Kora Organics is Australian made and owned and this product is classified as vegan.
You can find it at koraorganics.com, in David Jones, Terry White Pharmacy and selected Chemarts. $44.95 for 90 mL (3.04 fl.oz). If you're international, you can find it on net-a-porter.com or buy online from koraorganics.com.
I adore this product, I've repurchased multiple times and absolutely recommend it.

Monday, July 15, 2013

What's In My Bag This Week?

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Fifty Shades of Grey
I finally got back on the horse, so to speak. I bought 50 Shades of Grey when it first came out. The opening scene is of a girl sitting in her room and brushing her hair so I took the book to be a typical 'girly' read. Boy was I shocked when chapter seven kicked in..
Anyway, I disowned the book and then all of a sudden everyone started reading it and talking about it and my intrigue was brought back. I ended up buying it as an e-book on my iPad and got through it in a couple days. I don't really get the hype of it, the writing is so-so but the story line is okay. I've read the second book and am part way through the third.

Kora Rose Hip Oil
This is a rose hip oil blend and it's been a miracle worker during these colder months. I've been patting it onto the upper half of my face after standing in the cold, drying wind. I've also been using it as a cuticle cream (a-ma-zing) and on my elbows. It's not as heavy as a pure rose hip oil which makes it perfect for day time use.

Capilano Honeyfusions - Honey & Lemon
The beautiful Reese from reeseatomic.com.au flaunted her love for this on Instagram and I rushed out to get it as soon as I saw it - what can I say, I basically just want to be her. I've been fighting off a nasty cough for about two weeks now and hot tea with this delectable Honey & Lemon mix has been helping to sooth my sore throat. And sometimes I just eat it as-is because it's just that delicious.

Lindt 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
I'm not a chocolate lover but I enjoy the occasional piece of dark chocolate, more so lately. Whenever I feel like something sweet I break off a little piece of this rich, creamy dark chocolate and let it melt in my mouth. It's delicious (and it's vegan!).

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain - Honey
I bought this a while ago and then never used it. Somehow it found it's way into my handbag (like most lip products do) and I've been loving it lately. It's so effortless and easy, plus it goes with any eye make up because of it's neutral rose tint. I find that it lasts about 4 hours on my lips even with my excessive lip balm applications - love!

My headphones - HeartBeats by Dre
I bought these more than two years ago and adore them, then I lost them. It wasn't until this week that I found them again (in a shoe - we won't go there) and I've fallen in love with them all over again. I highly recommend purchasing them if you're in the market for some high end headphones, they are fantastic quality.

Monday, July 1, 2013

#GoOrange! Plus Chocolate Oranges with Pistachios

Fruits and vegetables take up 90% of my shopping cart in my weekly grocery shop so when I received an email asking me to be a part of Go Orange! I jumped at the opportunity.

Go Orange! is a campaign run by Citrus Australia to inspire and encourage you to stop leaving oranges at the bottom of the fruit bowl, something I'm definitely guilty of. Sure, orange's can't be eaten on the go like an apple can, but this little nutrient powerhouse definitely deserves a few dedicated minutes of your day.

We all know that oranges are bursting at the seams with Vitamin C but they also contain antioxidants and powerful nutrients to nourish and take care of your body. These antioxidants combined with their high water content also treat your skin and give you a glowing, supple complexion as well as a helping hand with slowing down the aging process of your skin.

Oranges are a wonderful winter fruit to give you a natural boost in immunity and help you power through the colder months. Their naturally occurring folate, potassium and fibre also support a healthy heart.

They're low GI and as a bonus, their fibre helps you feel fuller for longer, making them a wonderful afternoon snack.

With their Go Orange! campaign, Citrus Australia is asking you to eat an orange a day for 10 days and reap all the benefits. I'm going to be posting a few recipes to help you along over the next few days but let's start with something easy:

Chocolate Dipped Oranges with Pistachios

Oranges are delicious, no one is arguing with that fact, but sometimes you just want a little something extra. So, in the spirit of Go Orange, we're making our whole oranges a little more dessert worthy.

You'll need

1 Orange, peeled and separated into segments.
Chocolate for dipping, I'm using Loving Earth's Chocolate Coconut Butter (because it's delicious), any chocolate will work.
Chocolate, cacao nibs or chocolate chips, I used Loving Earth Coconut Mylk chocolate.

First, put the chocolate and pistachios into a food processor and pulse them until they're roughly chopped, you could always chop them with a knife if you don't have a food processor handy.

Next, gently melt the chocolate you're using to dip the oranges into until it's a liquid and then dip, dip away. I coated mine half way. If you're using the Loving Earth Chocolate Coconut Butter like I am you'll need to make sure you stir it really well or it won't stick to the oranges.

Let them rest on a plate as you're dipping the rest.

When they're all finished, sprinkle the chocolate and pistachio mix over the top and let them set in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.

And you're finished!

Come back for more orange recipes throughout the week!