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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Healthy Nachos?!

Think Nachos are bad for you? Think again!
I'm a sucker for a Mexican feast but those fried corn chips do nothing good to my body. So instead I've come up with a delicious alternative without sacrificing flavour.

You'll need:
Corn Thins, I like the original ones but they have multi-grain, soy linseed, all sorts. Pick whatever you like.
Tomato Salsa, I'm using Doritos mild salsa because it's the most natural at the supermarket and has very little calories and fat
Light Cheese, I'm using Coon. Vegetarian cheeses are very limited in supermarkets, Coon and Devondale are the only two I've found.
Guacamole or Avocado. I've bought a fresh guacamole, you can make your own or just use avocado if you'd prefer. Or you can leave it out all together, it's up to you!

The rest is pretty self explanatory  Spread your corn thins with the salsa, sprinkle on a little cheese and place under the grill (US: broiler) until the cheese has melted and the corn thins are crispy around the edges (roughly 3-5 minutes).

I'm using Fressure Guacamole. It's a great alternative to making your own if you're short on time (or just can't be bothered). It contains no preservatives or sugar, just the all natural ingredients you'd find in your own home made guacamole. It comes in two air tight pouches, massage them a little to combine the ingredients again before you open it. Because there are no preservatives, it will start to brown after about 6 hours if it's not used, I recommend only opening one side at a time.

Serve with a dollop of guacamole or a slice of avocado. If you like sour cream on your nachos, a small amount of light sour cream won't hurt (or alternatively, try plan Greek yogurt).

Corn Thins contains far less fat and calories than regular corn chips, sure, they don't look like your regular nachos but they still taste awesome.

If we quickly compare the calorie and fat content of Nachos made with Corn Chips and Nachos made with Corn Thins, you'll see that Corn Chips are evil little tasty morsels of crunch, while corn thins are much more polite and still have a great flavour.

Voila! Nachos for everyone!

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