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Thursday, February 28, 2013

NOTD: OPI 'Stay The Night' Liquid Sand - Review!

I'm a fan of super glossy cream nail polishes. I don't wear matte, suede or satin finishes and shimmer rarely finds a place to land on my nails. But, being the curious person I am, when OPI released their new 'Liquid Sand' finish in the Mariah Carey collection I jumped straight on it.

Stay The Night is a dark grey liquid sand with a pinkish red fine glitter. It applies just like any other nail polish but as it sets you start to see the 'sand' appear on the surface. It's a little thicker than a standard nail polish but is incredibly easy to apply and dries quickly.

I used two coats to achieve the desired Liquid Sand finish and I have to say that it's actually pretty nice. But personally, I need glossy nails. I wasted no time in throwing on a top coat to all but one of my nails to test out the wear.

Usually I get about 3-4 days of wear before I need to change my nail polish, as soon as there’s a chip, scratch or dent I will remove it all. Stay The Night went for 7 solid days before it slightly chipped on a couple of the corners, I never get that kind of wear from a standard nail polish. The nails with top coat and the nail without all chipped at around the same time, the top coat made no difference to the wear time.

I have to say that while I enjoyed this polish without the top coat, it's such a show off shade when it's glossy. I had countless people asking what nail polish it was or just generally complimenting the colour and shimmer in the polish.

The only downfall was that this polish was such a pain to remove, worse than any of the glitter nail polishes I've tried, it took a good 15 minutes of scrubbing before I had clean nails.

This polish was a pain in the neck to photograph, I tried indoors and outdoors but I couldn't get a good photo of the dimension of the polish, so I stole one.

The picture at the top of this post is mine, the picture below was taken from The Polish-Aholic, with a top coat and without. 
I'm not overly interested in the other Liquid Sand shades available at the moment but if more are released and there's one that appeals to me I would be happy to buy another.

This would be an excellent finish for anyone who's interested in trying matte nail polish but wants something a bit more interesting.

1 comment:

The Made Up Maiden said...

I have the very same shade! I keep meaning to review it but it's been a bit busy so I haven't had the time.

I think you did a great job with the photo. :)