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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NOTD: Essie 'Damsel In A Dress'

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I'm not really a fan of shimmer nail polish but when I saw 'Damsel In A Dress' by Essie my heart melted into a pile of shimmering purple goodness. 

Damsel In A Dress is a deep, incredibly rich purple with the most beautiful micro-shimmer, making the polish look almost metallic. The texture is smooth and applies evenly. Two coats gives an opaque finish and lets the colour really show off how beautiful it is. 

It wore for 4 days on me without chipping (which is typical wear on me) and the finish was still perfect when I took it off, there wasn't any fading or dull areas like there can be with some micro-glitter polishes. 

I adore this polish, it will definitely grace my fingernails again soon. 

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