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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tarte 'Amused' Amazonian Clay Blush - Review

Tarte is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands, every product I try quickly turns into a staple in my collection and I start dedicating odes to each one individually.

I own a few of the Amazonian Clay blushes but 'Amused' really stands out against the rest. It is a basic matte bright pink when you look at it in the pan but when you apply it, it transforms.

You can wear it as a sheer wash of pink over the apples of your cheeks or build it for a more intense look. Because it can be worn sheer, bold and everything in between it's perfect for the lightest skin right through to a dark. The texture is wonderfully soft and gentle on skin.
The major selling point with the Amazonian Clay blushes is their staying power. They're marketed as a 12-hour blush and they do get pretty close. On my combination/oily skin, I find that the blush doesn't start fading out until after about 10 hours of wear. On more balanced/dry skin tones I believe they would make the 12 hour mark.

The Amazonian Clay also locks moisture in moisture, a little extra benefit for those with dry or flaky skin.

Tarte can be hard to find in Australia, I suggest trying Amazon or a trusted seller on eBay, the blushes will often appear on some of my favourite online stores listed HERE. In the US you can find it at Sephora or on Tarte.com for $25.

This isn't just your regular pink blush, it leaves your skin glowing and soft. I highly recommend.

1 comment:

Calli said...

I have one of these blushes, I think in 'flush' and I love it! Surprisingly worth the high price tag.