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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes for Sensitive Skin - Review

I first tried the 'Yes to' skincare line about two years ago and wasn't a fan. It was right when my skin started misbehaving and I broke out on a crazy acne-fest when using the products. I didn't know then that I had actually developed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (you can read more about it HERE) and that the products actually had nothing to do with my current skin nightmare.

I was shopping for a friends young daughter and wanted to buy her products that were gentle on her young teenage skin. These Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes were on sale for $5 so I grabbed a pack, read the back, loved what I saw and purchased them.

On the way home I had a thought that I should go back and get myself a packet to review since it's been a while since I've tried a new facial wipe and plus, they were on sale.

It took me four days to fall in love with these wipes and COMPLETELY revitalise my skin care routing because of them. I'm still perfecting my current routine so I won't go into too much detail but here's a quick rundown of how it went.

Day 1: 
Removed my make up with the wipes, enjoyed them.
My skin wasn't stinging like it does with my regular facial wipes.
Continued with my very harsh cleanse/tone/repair/moisturise routine.

Day 2:
Removed my make up with the wipes, enjoyed them again.
Grabbed another wipe and thought 'I could skip the cleanser if I make sure every trace of make up is gone.
Got giddy over my non-irritated skin and continued with my harsh tone/repair/moisturise routine.

Day 3:
Arrived home incredibly late and did one of the worst things I could ever do for my skin (so I thought).
Grabbed a face wipe, removed all my make up, grabbed another one, cleansed the skin. Lay down in bed for just to have a quick rest before washing my face properly - fell asleep...

Day 4: 
Woke up, realised what I had done and my heart sank at what I might see in the mirror that morning. With thoughts running through my head on just how bad it could be I touched my skin.. felt nothing..
Figured I must still be dreaming, stood up, went to the mirror.
Nothing. No red marks, nothing starting to rise under the skin, no irritation. Could this be what perfect skin looks like?

From then on I have had stars in my eyes and love in my heart for this product. 

For the past two years, even when I haven't had any active acne, I've had red marks or general dull skin without make up on. I've been constantly worried about what the next day might hold for my skin and what would happen if I skipped a night of cleansing/toning/repairing/moisturising.

It turns out that my skin isn't acne prone after all, it's just sensitive. It took two years to figure that one out.

The Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes are Alcohol-Free, Oil-Free, Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin. They're made with organic fruits and vegetables and are 98.7% natural. 

The wipes are biodegradable and FSC Certified so not only are you helping your skin, you're basically saving the world when you use them.

The wipes contain the worlds greatest vegetable garden: 

Aloe Vera which naturally heals, moisturises, soothes and refreshes with skin.

Green Tea which has antioxidant properties and fights off break outs while protecting skin cells from further damage.

Cucumbers to soothe, reduce inflammation and lightly tone the skin. Cucumber also gently dissolves all dead skin cells to leave your skin new and glowing.

I should note that 'Fragrance' is on the list of ingredients at the very bottom. I assume that it is a natural fragrance but if your skin is sensitive I would test them on a small patch of skin first.

They remove all traces of dirt, sweat and make up and leave the skin fresh and glowing. I use one to remove all make up and dirt, then another to cleanse the skin.

I am now on my third packet and am two months in to changing the way I treat my skin. If you have acne prone or sensitive skin I highly recommend giving these a try.

They're about $7 for 30 wipes (one packet lasts me about 3 weeks)

Animal Testing: Yes To (Including Yes To Cucumbers) does not test on animals.

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