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Thursday, June 21, 2012

UPDATE: 6 Beauty Resolutions for 2012

Well well well, we're almost half way through 2012.

I thought now would be a good chance to give you an update on my 6 Beauty Resolutions for 2012 (you can read that post HERE).

I'm going to brush through it pretty quickly but here's what I've managed to achieve so far:

1. Develop a more natural, less chemical, skin care routine.

So far, so good. I've been getting to know my skin a bit better and figuring out just why it likes to be so misbehaved. I've discovered that I don't have acne prone skin, like I previously thought. I now know that I have sensitive skin and have been making a lot of changes to my skin care routine because of it. I have stopped using Proactiv completely which takes out 99% of the hard chemicals I was using. I'm still figuring things out and certainly haven't perfected my routine but my skin is liking me a lot more lately and is learning about manners.

2. Use what I have

My spending so far has reduced and the amount of products I'm buying has also dramatically reduced. I am spending the majority of my 'beauty spending' money on higher end products that I've read great reviews on. I've invested in some amazing products that I have completely fallen in love with and even found a bronzer that is perfect for my skin tone (no one ever thought that would happen). I've moved away from purchasing limited edition items just because it's 'limited edition', I'm making more educated choices by reading blogs and reviews. There's still room for improvement but hey, I've got another 6 months to go.

3. Ruts are okay.

I started out the year forcing myself to use up products but realised that I was doomed by doing that. If there is a product that I really like and know that I will repurchase it then doesn't that just defeat the reason for using up products? Instead I've been trying to find ways to use up products that I don't really like, such as that one pesky shade in an otherwise great eyeshadow quad. But on the 'rut' side of things I've been accepting that I just don't have time to put together a new look every morning and that if certain looks work, then I will work them hard.

4. Project 10 Pan.

Yeah.. haven't started this one..

5. Nail-Polish Schmail-Polish.

My nail-of-the-days were going strong for the first 3 months of the year but they've dulled out since then. The main reason is that I just have too many nail polishes that I don't like and over the past few months I've hated anything glittery on my nails, opting for cream polishes. So I've been rotating the same six or seven polishes that I like and have been forgetting about the rest. That being said, I have so far only purchased two nail polishes this year, yep, TWO! So that side of the resolution is going strong.

6. Blog

I've done pretty well here, there have been two breaks where not many posts have gone up but I've still averaged three posts a week throughout the past six months. This is all set to go higher over the next few weeks when I'll be attempting 1-2 posts per day.

All in all, I'm giving myself a solid B+ for effort. There's still 6 months left of the year so I'll work on improving the resolutions that I've been not so good at.

How about you? Did you make any beauty resolutions?
Let me know how you're going with them in the comments section below :)

Rebecca :)

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