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Thursday, May 10, 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection - 2012 / Review

I am a sucker for a metallic and perlescent eyeshadows but I am also a hater of eyeshadows with ANY fallout, I don't want glitter on my face.
I was excited about this collection because it's 'liquid based powder' claims and was incredibly interested to know just how 'dimensional' these eyeshadows would be, and if the fall out would be something to scream about.

In Extra Dimension was launched as a new liquid-powder formula with prismatic reflections that 'sculpts, highlights and models the face'.

I purchased five of the eyeshadows from the collection and one highlighter.


Young Venus - A frosted, pearlescent pink with a white metallic base

Rich Core - A deep purple eggplant shade with a copper pearl base

Modern Pewter - An olive toned gold with a white metallic base

Warm Thunder - A dirty metallic grey with a silver pearl and white metallic base

Dark Dare - A flat charcoal black

The eyeshadows are a fantastic formula, very smooth with a velvet touch and a strong iridescence. There is no fall out from the eyeshadows at all and the shadows are glitter-free. They do shimmer and glow but there is no chunky glitter. They are similar to a veluxe pearl formula.

They're bigger than a standard MAC Eyeshadow, weighing in at 2g of product per pan (compared to 1.5g in a standard MAC shadow). The pans are sized about half way between a standard eyeshadow and a blush from MAC.

The intensity varies with application methods and the colour is extreme when used wet. I find that a patting motion with a flat eyeshader brush works the best with dry use. They wear very well, I had a full day of wear with primer and only very slight fading without primer.

I purchased the colours at random, just selected the shades that appealed to me, and they all really compliment each other due to the running white glow they're all sporting - this is also the reason I had to take both flash and non-flash photographs. I would assume that the rest of the shades in the collection would follow that trend.

All in all, some of the best eyeshadows MAC have released in a very long time.

Highlighter/Skin Finish

The collection launched with three Skin Finishes, I chose the one that I knew was going to be the sell out, the most popular of them all - Superb!

Superb is a peach nude shade with a multi dimensional shimmer and glow. There is no chunky glitter, just a slight iridescence.

I love this highlighter, just like I knew I would. It would work on any skin tone at all, it's not really a colour, just a glow - which is what you want from a highlighter anyway.

I've also used this as an eyeshadow and you can build up the intensity just as much as you can sheer it out, see swatches below:

The glow that Superb gives is incredible, I love-love it.

This was a fantastic collection from MAC and after a few recent failures in the pigmentation department, this collection was much appreciated and highly recommended. 

Disclaimer: I have worked with MAC on a professional level for many years and received a lot of my professional training from MAC. However I have never been employed by MAC and this product was paid for with my own money. I am not being paid for this review, all opinions are my own.

Animal Testing: MAC has always maintained cruelty-free production of products and is against animal testing. There has been some controversy over the past few months but MAC is still maintaining that they do not test on animals. 
Some MAC brushes do contain animal hair. MAC maintains that the hair is is farmed ethically and cruelty-free. 

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