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Thursday, May 24, 2012

EVO Icon Welder Heat Protectant

There are a few things you probably don't know about me. Little things like the fact that I enjoy stevia in my coffee, that I only wear OPI Strawberry Margarita polish on my toenails or that broccoli is among my favourite foods. You probably also don't know that Evo is my favourite hair care brand. Just let me say it again really quickly:


I could give you a whole list of all the Evo products I love but that would be so unfair to not detail each of the products specifically. One at a time it is!

I'm starting off with the product that brought me to the Evo brand:

Icon Welder Heat Protectant

To know why I love this product you need a little bit of a back story. 
I buy heat protectants like most people buy bread.

I use a lot of heat on my very fine hair and am always searching for the best ways to protect it. Would you like a list of all the heat protectant sprays I've tried in the past year? Okay, here it is:

Redken Iron Guard
Chi Iron Silk
Crystali Heat Tamer
Tigi Catwalk Heat Smoother
De Lorenzo Extinguish Protectant
GHD Thermal Protectant
Toni&Guy Thermal Spray
L'Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Thermal Spray
MUK Hot Muk Thermal Spray
Rusk Shine Thermal Spray
NAK Heat Beat Thermal Protectant
Macadamia Oil Thermal Defence
Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Protectant
Keracare Strengthening Thermal Protector
Matrix Iron In Thermal Styling Mist
Paul Mitchell Heat Seal

I think that's about it, you know, just a couple..

I think the above qualifies me to say that Evo Icon Welder is THE BEST HEAT PROTECTANT IN THE WORLD.

Icon Welder leaves hair impossibly soft and silky with an amazing shine. There is not even a hint of sticky or greasy residue after use (something no other heat protectant sprays have managed to do) and it doesn't feel like you have any product in your hair at all. AT ALL! (sorry, I'm excited)

It's designed for straightening but I have found it to be just as brilliant for curling and waving hair. It is amazing with straightening though, it locks in straight and will even hold it during humidity.

The bottle says that it has a Level 3 from 5 hold (a little higher than a medium hold) but I don't find that it has any sort of motion control at all which is another reason why I love it.

My hair is left soft, glowing and perfectly healthy. My hair doesn't burn or dry out and it is simply amazing.

It's $26.95 for 200ml which is an average cost for a salon product. The bottle lasts me about a month with every day use on long hair. You can purchase at selected salons (search for your local stockist HERE) or you can buy online HERE. If you use hot tools, this will be the best purchase you'll ever make.

I don't like to oversell products because every one's hair, skin, taste is different but it would be a crime of me to not express exactly how amazing this product is.

You have no idea how exciting this is for me. My mission to find the best heat protectant has been on going for years. This is it, this one wins. Mission complete.

Animal Testing: Evo does not test on animals.


Anonymous said...

I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really a stupendous work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts

Ty said...

Wow. That's a lot of heat protectant that you've tried! :)