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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes - Review

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic for me but I was determined not to let my skin get out of control. I started skipping washing my face in the morning to save time so I could rush out the door but within days my skin was showing the nasty results.

In an effort to treat and protect my skin while still saving time, I turned to facial wipes.

I tried a couple but eventually settled on the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes and absolutely love them.

They're a chemical wipe, so they're more harsh than other facial wipes but for troublesome skin like mine those chemicals are required.
If you have read my story on life with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (HERE) you would know that over the past few years my skin has become incredibly acne prone and if I skip washing my face morning and night I'm going to have a break out for weeks.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Facial Wipes are perfect for the morning because they remove any oil and sebum your skin has produced overnight and will tighten pores. They are treated with salicylic acid (like most facial cleansers) so they help heal existing break outs and prevent new ones from appearing.

They're oil free, non-comedogenic (they won't clog pores) and are able to remove make up very easily.

When it comes too facial wipes, these ones are thicker and more durable. They're not going to tear in your hand. They're also soaked with product so you can feel like your face is getting a good clean.

While they do remove make up, I wouldn't recommend using them for such. Salicylic acid should be kept away from the eye area and because they're so harsh you may find irritation if you're scrubbing your face with them.
A gentle wipe in the morning is what these wipes are perfect for.

I'll continue repurchasing, for those days when life gets in the way and I still want to take care of my skin.

Animal Testing: Neutrogena has made great improvements in their cruelty free goal and most Neutrogena products are no longer tested on animals. This particular product however was previously tested on animals.

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