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Monday, April 2, 2012

My Hair Care Nightmare!

If you follow me on twitter, or even find me posting on various beauty forums, then you may know that my hair has recently been on the receiving end of flames, melted metal, and a whole lot of smoke. Here's how it all went down..

What happened?
Every morning I run a straightener, a GHD, through my hair just to smooth it out after sleeping, I also curl the hair around my face to add extra shape and body, also with a GHD.

This fate full morning I was in a rush so I was trying to get it done quickly and wasn’t really thinking about what was going on around me.

When I finished straightening and went to go curl the front of my hair, I noticed when I was running my fingers through my hair that it felt really dry. Then I noticed a burning smell and panicked. I spend so much time and money making sure my hair is always incredibly soft and nourished. My hair felt brittle and dry.

I grabbed my bottle of Moroccan Oil and doused it with the stuff and decided to just finish my hair with the straightener and I’d have to figure out how to fix it later tonight.

I started curling around my face and suddenly my straightener started smoking. Stupidly I thought ‘I only have one more curl to do, just do it’. I clamped the hair straightening, turned it to make the curl and then disaster struck. As I moved the straightener down my hair it snapped, taking about six inches long and 1.5 inches wide of hair. The straightener had sparked and my hair was literally on fire. I grabbed it with my hand to extinguish the flame (yeah, don’t do that either).

The metal plate on my GHD has MELTED because it overheated so much. MELTED!

The Damage
My hair was left dry, damaged and incredibly brittle. As I touched my hair it would just crumble in my hands.

I had my hairdresser evaluate the damage and she said that it looked like I had fallen into a fire. She was shocked that this could even happen from a straightener, let along a GHD.

I had the option of buying a lot of treatments with the hope of reviving my hair or I could cut 5 inches of damage off the lengths. I chose the treatment route.

Finding a Solution
A few days later I contacted GHD, I sent them a polite but strongly worded email letting them know what happened. The hair I had treated so well was now literally falling apart. The next day I had a wonderful GHD Customer Service officer by the name of Jason contact me. He asked for my postal address and sent me an express post bag to return the GHD, no other questions asked. I sent him the straightener that afternoon and at 9am the next morning he called me to let me know he was sending me a new GHD and a few complimentary hair products (heat protectant and smoothing serum - ohh the irony, Jason, ohh the irony). He was wonderful though, he deserves a raise.

You might be shocked to hear that the whole experience hasn't turned me off using GHD products, in fact, it's made me love them just a little bit more.

When this whole thing happened, I tried googling it to see if anyone else has had a similar experience and found almost nothing. Obviously this is not a common problem with GHDs. While I was without a GHD I tried using other straighteners I had in my possession (ranging from $29-$300) and they just did not even come close to comparing too a GHD straighten. There is a reason we love these straighteners - they are the best.

So, four weeks on, I am now sporting a lovely side fringe/bangs (circa 2006), have quite a few more layers in my hair and am still fighting the damage left behind. I've been trying quite a few products that you will hear more about in upcoming posts. So far I've only had to cut off about two inches of over-all length.

The moral of the story? When your straightener starts smoking, definitely don't continue with that one last little bit. Apparently I had to learn this the hard way to properly understand.


Elunia said...

You poor thing! That must have been horrible, but luckily GHD have been very good and that you have taken the ordeal so well.

Ms Jelena said...

I'm so glad GHD took it seriously and sent you a new one! Was wondering what was happening :)


Ashley Jayne said...

Pretty much the same thing just happened to me! I got a GHD Gold less than 6 months ago, and I don't even use it everyday. I was straightening my hair this morning and then my hair literally melted into a clump and fell into my lap. I've tried many different power sockets and it won't turn on and my room still smells of burnt hair :(