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Friday, April 27, 2012


I know, I know, sorry. The announcement for the winners of this competition is long overdue. I could ramble about how crazy life has been over the past month but what we really want to know is who won, so..

Evanescencessy - Purring (entered on EasyDress)

Sair - Hush Hush (entered on EasyDress)

Emilie-Jade - Tread Gently (entered on Twitter)

Congratulations to the winners, please email me at rebecca@easydress.org with your postal addresses.

Want to win more?? 
I have a 2 year anniversary competition and an awesome MAC giveaway coming up in the next few months, check back for more information!

(Evanescencessy - I will include the FOA lipstick you won previously in the parcel with the Tendertone, apologies for being so slow!)


Elunia said...

Congratulations Girls!

sair said...

Omg that's me! Thanks so much! =)

Sair said...

Hi! Just wondering if you got my email when I won this giveaway?