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Saturday, February 25, 2012

MAC Shop/Cook Collection, Summer (Winter-US) 2012

How cute is the packaging?

Well, well, well. I blogged about my excitement for the Shop/Cook MAC collection earlier (see it HERE) and have managed to get my hands on each of the items I was after.

I purchased two lipsticks, one liquid lipstick and all four Tendertones. This is a haul post with a mini review, I'll review the items seperately when I have had a chance to use them properly, swatches below:

The three lipsticks I picked up are: 
Watch Me Simmer
A bright orange-pink, completely opaque no shortage of colour here.
It's an Amplified Cream formula and has a very smooth application. 

Quick Sizzle 
A bright Matte pink, slightly neon. More creamy than most Matte lipsticks and it does have just a small amount of a sheen. I'd say it's more of a Satin finish than a Matte finish

Naughty Saute
A very bright posey pink, perfect summer colour.
It's a Cremesheen formula and it's incredibly smooth, it feels amazing on the lips.
More creamy than most Cremesheens

 Watch Me Simmer, Quick Sizzle, Naughty Saute.


The next item is a Kissable Lipcolour. These are a mix between a lipstick and a lipgloss, essentially a liquid lipstick. It's relatively long wearing, more than a lipstick, but not so much that I would advertise it's staying power.

I purchased the shade 'Flaunting It', it's a grey pink-mauve and has a very warm tone. It's a medium cover, not sheer, not opaque. I bought it because I think it will be great to warm up pink lipsticks in the winter.

Flaunting It

And lastly, Tendertones! I blogged about the hype surrounding tendertones in my original Shop/Cook MAC post but I'll copy and paste it here, just for food measure, skip if you like:
"While all MAC Collections drum up conversation, the most talked about item in this collection are the Tendertones. Tendertones were first launched years ago (I believe in 2007) and they're a creamy, tinted, jelly lip balm that caused a craze amongst fans. They've been talked about ever since and their return has driven up even more excitment. Tendertones have been long lusted over by fans of the first launch and those who have heard so much about them since. Much of the conversation is speculating wether the Tendertones will be made with the same formula. MAC is notorious for relaunching a product that we haven't seen for years and it being slightly different to what people remember."
I haven't been able to play around with these too much but I'll post a picture of them below. Because I never tried the original Tendertones I can't compare the formula but from what I've gathered so far they're a decent gloss/balm. They're not incredibly hydrating or healing for the lips and they are super glossy. They smell incredibly sweet which could be off-putting for some but it's fine for me.

Top left: Purring. Top right: Hush, Hush
Bottom left: Tread Gently. Bottom right: Hot 'N' Saucy

If there is any item that you would like a more in-depth review on, let me know :)


Ms Jelena said...

oooohh the lippies are gorgeous!!! I want!!!


kerker said...

Love the colour of Watch Me Simmer!