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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lust Have It - February 2011 Box

Lust Have It is an Australian based subscription service for a box of deluxe samples delivered monthly. You won't know what you're going to receive but that's part of the fun.

Here's what I found in my Lust Have It box this month:

Lancome Juicy Tube 
The shade is a very sheer candy red but it doesn't give a specific shade name.
Juicy Tubes are very sheer, very shiny lipglosses. They're hydrating and long lusted over.

Davroe Tame Lemongrass Detangler
This is a dual action hair detangler is lightweight, non-greasy and claims to detangle the most unruly hair. It will leave hair soft and silky with the fresh natural fragrance of Passionflower and Ylang-Ylang. It is ideal for all hair types and strengthens hair from the inside out.

Sasy n Savy Rose Lavender Hand and Nail Repair Cream
This cream nourishes, softens and smooths with evening primrose and macadamia oil and uses shea butter to sooth and heal dry skin. It contains Vitamin C and E and helps diminish signs of aging.
I am actually highly allergic to lavender so I will probably pass this to my mum to try.

Lush Sugar Scrub
I love Lush products and was excited to find that they are contributing to the Lust Have It boxes. The sugar scrub is a rough body scrub that also tackles cellulite with fennel and ginger. This bar also contains lavender to sooth the skin so it will be given to my mum also. 

Taut Collagen Infusion Mask
I love cloth masks, they're so convenient and easy to use. This Gold Standard Collagen Infusion Mask slips onto your face to infuse concentrated premium collagen essence to tone, hydrate, ad brighten your complexion in just 10 minutes.

1 comment:

Evanescencessy said...

I think the Lancome Juicy Tube is "Fraise". It is included in a lot of their GWP gift sets, but I could be wrong.