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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hair Routine Part 1: Hair Care

I've been writing this post for a while now. The problem being that I couldn't keep the post short and informative while talking about everything I do to/use on my hair. So I have decided to split My Hair Care Routine in to two different posts; Hair Care and Hair Styling.

I'll give you a brief run down of my hair and then launch right into the products that I use to clean, protect and nourish my hair.

My natural hair is:
  • Light red with almost blonde roots
  • Very fine and flat at the scalp
  • A giant curly mess from the ears down
  • Naturally dry ends and oily roots
  • Long, about half way down my back
I style my hair to be:
  • Dark, warm brown with natural looking highlights
  • Thick at the roots and smooth through the ends
  • Either straight or with large (artificial) waves/curls
  • Incredibly soft and smooth
  • Voluminous
Here's how I do it:

1. Cleaning my hair

Obviously we all know to shampoo our hair, but did you know that you should cleanse your hair as well?

Shampoo cleans your hair but can have a hard time breaking through product build up, especially if you use styling products at the roots of your hair or if you only wash your hair every other day. Hair cleansers (or clarifying shampoos) give a really deep clean to your hair and scalp, removing any product build up and offering a repairing treatment at the same time.

I alternate between using regular shampoo and a cleansing shampoo.

My regular shampoo at the moment is the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo. I am obsessed with Moroccan Oil and I love this shampoo. It's sulfate and paraben free so it's not going to lather up in your hair which can be strange at first.

I am not loyal to my shampoo and conditioner, I like to try new products but always go back to Moroccan Oil products. Redken All Soft is also a great shampoo or for a cheaper alternative, Tresemme Deep Repair shampoo is very similar.

The Clarifying/Cleansing shampoo I use is Redken Cleansing Cream.
I've tried a couple of cleansing shampoos and this is by far the best one. Cleansing shampoos can often be harsh and drying. Redken Cleansing Cream is infused with natural oils to repair the hair instead of drying it out. I leave it on for about a minute before washing it out for a deep clean. You can leave it on for up to five minutes if you have a lot of build-up in your hair.

2. Conditioning my hair

I like very intense, hydrating and softening conditioners.
I most often use the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner, I'll leave it in for 3-4 minutes before rinsing it out. It's incredibly hydrating while leaving my hair shiny and soft. It hydrates right through each strand of hair and actually repairs at the same time, rather than just softening the exterior.
Like the alternative Shampoo options, Redken All Soft and Tresemme Deep Repair conditioners are also great. You don't need to buy expensive conditioners, most of the time they just have more of the same ingredients. Instead, you can just double the amount of conditioner you use and stick with a cheaper brand. I personally opt for the heavy duty, deep repairing, intense hydrating conditioners.

3. Treatments

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream is a super treatment. I usually always have a tub of this in my shower and once or twice a week I'll skip conditioner and use this treatment instead. It's very intense and thick but oh-so luxurious. Sunsilk Keratese Treatment is also incredibly good and only a fraction of the price compared to Redken. Garnier Sleek Melt In Mask is also a long-loved favourite of mine.

I don't need to tell you how much I love Moroccan Oil. You can see a full review HERE.
I apply 4-5 pumps of this through my hair after towel drying it.

I, like most people, was extremely hesitant to use an oil through my hair but it doesn't leave your hair greasy or oily at all. It completely absorbs into your hair and feel amazing. I have a lot of hair, it's very long, so I use a lot of oil. My sister uses it also with her shoulder length hair and uses about 3 pumps. It really depends on your hair.

Make sure you read my full review, seriously, your life is about to change.

1 comment:

Evanescencessy said...

I never used to pay that much attention to my hair – for a while I only shampooed my hair! I’m really keen to try Moroccanoil and depending on how much I like that, I might also try their shampoo/conditioner. My hair needs some intense nourishment as I blow dry and straighten my hair everyday, for the past 6 years!