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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glossy Box - February 2012 - Valentines Day and Giveaway (CLOSED)

There has been a lot of controversy over the Australian Glossy Box in the past few months. A lot of people have been disappointed with the low end products they've received or that they've received products that don't match their beauty profile (eg: blonde shampoo sent to a brunette). I know that this month wasn't an exception for many people, with lip tattoos and prescriptive serums being sent out to subscribers. I would say that this month, Glossy Box Australia would have had a huge decline in subscribers who are becoming more and more annoyed with their deliveries. For the past few months, I have also been disappointed with the products I've received in my Glossy Boxes. After seeing the boxes from America and the UK, the Australian boxes are generally lacking by comparison. We're not given the same high end products as others seem to be.

Having said that, February's box is so far the only box that I have been happy to receive. I have seen other posts on the February box and I definitely lucky with the items I received, most people weren't. It's unrealistic to expect to love every single item you receive, this is a sample box so that you can try out new products to see if you like them.

Here's what I found stashed away in my Glossy Box this February:

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm
I am a huge Carmex lover so this is definitely a welcome item for me. The Moisture Plus formula is new and I haven't tried it yet. I love the original Camex lip balm because it contains Salicylic Acid which exfoliates and repairs the lips. The Moisture Plus formula doesn't contain Salicylic Acid but I'm hoping it works just as well.
It's also in much more attractive packaging then the original Camex tubes.

ProActiv Deep Cleansing Wash
I was surprised to find this item in my Glossy Box. ProActiv is a very intense and harsh skin treatment and should only be used by those who have very serious acne and who have been unsuccessful when trying other skin care items. It contains very strong chemicals that can damage skin if they're inappropriately used. I recommend consulting a doctor before using any ProActiv products.
Having said that, I do use ProActiv and have for about a year now, however I am trying to move away from the brand and onto something less chemical.

Star and Rose Emergency Nail Files
Most people have been disappointed to receive these but I think they're fantastic. I love mini versions of the tools and products to take with m, it's more convenient and practical. I think the idea of these is that you use it once and throw away the file, you can see that the files are very small and you get 12 in a pack. You can use them without breaking them away from the palette which lets you use it more than once.

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara
This is the first 'high end' item I have received in a Glossy Box. The mascara helps to make your lashes ultra long and separated. The descriptions states that the bristles interlock with lashes like a zipper so that lashes are individually coated.

Face Of Australia Mineral Lip Shine
These lip shines are very sheer and glossy. It's not sticky or heavy, just a subtle mineralised colour for moisture and shine.
The colour I have received is 'Beach House' and it looks to be a clear gloss with a golden sheen. I know that I am never going to use this so I am going to give it away to one of me readers. Just leave a comment below reading 'I would like to win the lipstick' and I'll pick a winner this week.
You can see that I have opened the lipstick but haven't used or swatched it, brand new :)


Nidhi said...

I would like to win the lipstick... :)

Evanescencessy said...

I would like to win the lipstick too!

sair said...

I would also like to win the lipstick =)

JKT said...

I would like to win the lipstick. :)

Thanks for giving it away as others will actually use it. x

Stay golden!

Rebecca said...

The winner of the Face of Australia lipsick is 'Evanescencessy'

Congratulations and please contact me at rebecca@easydress.org with your postal address.