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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seche Vite vs INM Top Coat

I have a story for you:

I have been using INM Top Coat for years, literally years. I believe I purchased my first bottle in 2006, at the same time that I purchased my first OPI Nail Polish. I had no experience with top coats prior to INM and just went with what the nail artist told me to buy. For years I was using INM and was so incredibly pleased with it that I couldn't think of switching to anything else.

Then I found YouTube, which meant I also found a Seche Vite obsession. Every time I painted my nails I thought about Seche Vite and all the rave it was causing online. It isn't available in Australia and I eventually just brushed it off and continued using INM.

It needs to be said that I never had a problem with INM or the way it performed, I loved it, it was perfect. It's just that ringing obsession that everyone had with Seche Vite was ringing in my ears and I knew I was missing out on something.

When I went to California this spring I ventured into Sally Beauty Supply and like a shining beam of light, there was Seche Vite. I purchased a bottle, then at the register I pulled over another bottle and purchased two. I figured, hey, I've been needing Seche Vite in my life for years, I may as well keep a back up bottle.

Tucked neatly in my suitcase, wrapped in tissue paper, my two bottles of 'miracle in a bottle' ventured back home with me. A few days after I arrived back home, I took out the little bottles that were going to revolutionise the way I wear nail polish and proceeded to paint my nails.

When I had finished I held my hand up to the light and gazed at my super shiny Seche Vite nails. I thought about my bottles of INM sitting in my closet, crying over their replacement. But my nails were so shiny! INM has a great shine to it but Seche Vite glowed.

Then, things started to turn sour.

At work the next day I noticed scratches in my nail polish. 'Hmm' I said, 'not good'. By the end of the day I had a corner at the base lifted and a chip on my index finger. I thought 'maybe I did it wrong' and continued to apply another coat on top that night, I powered through, convinced that it was my fault and not the fault of this so called 'miracle product'. By the end of the next day half of my nails were almost matte because of all the scratches in the top coat. I removed the nail polish completely and tried again, two days later, scratched to infinity. I tried again, scratched, scratched, scratched. Peeling nail polish, chips everywhere and no sign of that life changing staying power that I was promised. I tried both bottles, both did the same thing.

'WHHHYYYYY!' I screamed. Actually I didn't, but I felt like it inside. I spend years craving a product that I hated just because someone else liked it and it had a better brand name.

I went back to INM, groveled for forgiveness, and repainted my nails with the top coat that had stuck by me for years. The top coat that always worked and held my nail polish on for a week at a time.

I guess the moral of the story is that just because something has a brand name, or just because it is a coveted or cult item, doesn't make it better than a lesser known product. INM is reliable, it's strong, fast and less expensive. It's easier to find and just works.

Not only that but Seche Vite contains Toluene, a hazardous chemical that has been removed from most nail polishes (even the cheap ones) and is also not commonly found in products in Australia. I don't know why Seche Vite still continue to use toluene, it's known to be dangerous.

Team INM!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Hi there! :D Am I glad to have bumped into your review... I was just about to chicken out and buy some Seche Vite online! ;)