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Friday, January 27, 2012

OPI 'No Spain, No Gain' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

'No Spain, No Gain' is a bold burgundy colour that is heavily accented with a purple hue. It's incredibly easy to wear because the burgundy leans towards the 'blue' side of the colour wheel, making it flattering on most skin tones. It's great for lighter skin because it will neutralise redness, giving the illusion of more tanned skin. It's great for darker skin because of the purple contrast and the way it reflects, it's almost like an illuminator for your hands. 

It's an incredibly wearable colour and has a great wear time.
It's a typical OPI cream finish, effortless to apply and opaque in two coats.

I had a hard time photographing this colour, the shade is as accurate as I could get it but it might be a good idea to google more swatches of the shade before purchasing :)

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