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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moroccan Oil - Hair Treatment

If I could figure out a quick way of posting myself singing 'Halleliuja' at the beginning of this post, I would.
Would it be too extreme to say that Moroccan Oil changed my life? Yeah, probably, but it wouldn't be a lie.

I use an obscene amount of heat on my hair, it's heavily colour treated and quite long, meaning that my ends are old and need extra care. 

I use treatments, hair masks, heavy duty conditioners and all the at-home remedy's in the book to make sure I have incredibly soft, silky hair. But nothing, and I mean nothing, works as well as Moroccan oil. 
Depending on who you ask, you will receive varied responses on how much of the product you should use. Some people say that one pump of oil is too much for their hair, others (like me) use up to 5 pumps in an application. I think it depends on your hair length and texture. I have fine hair that is naturally very curly from my ears down. I straighten and restyle it every day so the heat will dry out my hair over time. Moroccan Oil helps to restructure my hair, keep it soft and smooth while making it incredibly shiny and silky. I put 3-4 pumps in my hand, rub it between my fingers and work it through the ends and up the lengths of my hair. I don't find that I need to be careful to avoid the roots so I will run whatever is left through the rest of my hair. I will occasionally take an extra pump and run it back through the ends again. 

I was incredibly hesitant before trying Moroccan Oil ('You want me to put OIL in my HAIR??') but it doesn't leave hair oily at all. There is no oily residue and it doesn't effect how often I need to wash my hair. It also speeds up the drying time of your hair so you can use less heat. 

This is the one hair product that I refuse to go without. I have used it for over a year every time I wash my hair. I can't say enough good things about Moroccan Oil, it's truly a saviour.

(Note: I have tried other brands of Moroccan and Argan oils and nothing is as good as the Moroccan Oil brand.)


Claire said...

I've been holding back on buying the 'morrocanoil' brand morrocan oil for AGES, but cant bring myself around to it.. thinking i might have to now! :)

Evanscencessy said...

Great review. I am looking forward to your comparison review on this and the Josie Maran argan oil :D