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Friday, January 27, 2012

Maybelline 'One-by-One' Mascara Review

I had such high hopes for Maybelline One-by-One, I had heard that  One-by-One would fix every flaw I have ever had with my eyelashes leaving me with the most perfect, pristine lashes I could dream of.

Maybe my expectations were a little too high. Maybe I was lining myself up for disappointment because really, perfect lashes in a mascara bottle? I need Ardell 108's and Duo Glue for that.

I'm going to review the mascara on what it claims to do first, then give my overall opinion. It seems like the most fair way to go about this.

Okay, so the tag line for this mascara is 'bold without the bulk' which absolutely does ring true with what the mascara can do.
One-by-One will not clump, it's a very wet formula and will coat every single lash will it's own layer of mascara. Lashes won't stick together, they won't look heavy, they will hold curl and they will remain separated throughout the day. You can apply this mascara effortlessly and have a full coat in just a few strokes.

However, in a normal application of One-by-One, the volume isn't there. Maybelline promotes 'Clump-Free Volume' for this mascara but doesn't specify how much volume you can expect.

I have long but sparse lashes, I need a mascara to bulk them up and give me the volume I wasn't naturally blessed with. One-by-One coats each lash but you need to use a lot of the product to build up volume. Having said that though, you can apply 10 coats of One-by-One and it still won't clump.
On it's own, this is a great quality in a mascara. You can build up volume, you can define and lengthen, you just need to put the time and effort in to do it, not to mention the amount of product you need to use.

I can't say anything bad about this mascara because it does exactly what it claims to do. Give you bold, defined, separated lashes that won't clump.
It doesn't claim to give you super-mega-crazy volume, nor does it claim to leave you with a phenomenal length. It's a mascara for definition and that's exactly what it does, and does well.

For that alone, I give the mascara a 10/10.

On a personal note, I think that in the promotion of this mascara, Maybelline should really focus on advertising what this mascara really does, give amazing definition. Words like 'bold' and 'fatter, flirtier lashes' don't really describe what One-by-One can and will do.

Also, the add for this mascara makes me angry:

This is not an accurate representation of what the mascara (or any mascara) will do. I'd rather see an add of with the model actually wearing the mascara than an add with a model wearing multiple pairs of false lashes that have nothing to do with the mascara at all.


Elunia said...

Here, here!
I wish they would actually use the products for the advertisements and not rely on false eyelashes/hair extensions or photoshop etc.

Great review, looks like a great product.

Ty said...

I agree with you mascara ads are never realistic. Some even put a fine print at the bottom of the ad that the model is wearing a pair of false lashes. It's ridiculous but really an image in your head that sticks.