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Monday, January 16, 2012

Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy' - Perfume Review

Viva La Juicy has very quickly become one of my most loved scents. 

It opens with a burst of berries and mandarin, as well as honeysuckle and jasmine. 
As the perfume cools down, notes of warm vanilla and caramel sneak through and mix with the earthy sandalwood and amber.
Honeysuckle stays strong throughout the entire wear of the perfume but the final scent you receive is a warm, toasted vanilla with a hint of burnt caramel and soft sandalwood.

The wear time on the perfume isn't fantastic (about 3-4 hours) but I find that it lasts longer when sprayed onto clothes or hair. 

This is my second bottle of Viva La Juicy, the first bottle I had was 30ml, this time I opted for the largest size, 100ml.

The bottle is gorgeous, the detailing around the Juicy Couture logo is fantastic. The bottle doesn't look cheap, it's heavy and sturdy, the pump is strong.

I would categorize the scent as oriental, gourmand and mildly floral.

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