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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Garnier Bodysummer Gradual Tan Moisturiser (GIVEAWAY-CLOSED)

On the top shelf of my beauty closet you will find a large box, inside that large box you will find an array of body products that I am not currently using. 80% of those products are self-tanners.

See, I was born with skin whiter than Snow White and tanning isn't possible. I'm pretty much a ghost.

I've been self tanning since high school and it's pretty easy to say that I've 'been there, done that' with most products. 

It's not easy to tan fair skin because any imperfection you make will show up loud and proud. Self-tanners also tend to look more orange on fair skin than on tan-able skin. 

Moisturising gradual tanners always work the best but I've never had one work as well as the Garnier Bodysummer gradual tanner. Not only is it incredibly moisturising, it's also an incredibly easy application with no orange and no streaks. 

Garnier Bodysummer claims to adapt to your own natural skin tone to bring out your natural tan. Well, I have no natural tan so I was positive that this wasn't going to work. There are two options when buying, Fair/Light or Medium/Dark, they didn't have a 'Translucent' option so I went with Fair/Light. I applied it on my arms in the afternoon and stared at it waiting for the tan to appear. Nothing, it got self-conscious and wouldn't work while someone was watching it. A few hours later I noticed that my skin on my arms was slightly darker than the skin on my legs - Ah-ha! I slathered on another layer and went to bed expecting to be an orange monster when I awoke. I was incredibly surprised that when I woke up in the morning I had the sun-kissed glow I was promised. 'MORE!' I shouted while applying another layer.

I arrived at work, showed off my Sun Kissed Glow and gave myself a round of applause. 

Not only does it give a wonderful, mess free colour, it also doesn't turn your hands and fingers orange (they're a little bit more tan than your arms but hand soap or lemon juice will bring them down a few shades). 
It doesn't wash off in the shower but it will fade (obviously), but you can apply another layer after your shower to bring back the glow.

It's incredibly moisturising, so much that I am now tempted to purchase the regular Garnier Body moisturiser. 

I highly recommend Garnier Bodysummer and have a bottle to give away to a reader. 
Just leave a comment below saying whether you would like Fair/Light or Medium/Dark (please read the Terms and Conditions here).
Check back in a few days to see if you're the winner!
Congratulations Peach, you are the winner of this mini giveaway. 
Please contact me at rebecca@easydress.org with your postal address within 24 hours.

I will be posting little giveaways like this quite often, check back for more!

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Claire said...

I've just begun the hunt for the perfect gradual tan moisturiser, i am like you, born snow white!I
purchased the palmers cocoa butter one and i love it so far. We'll see how it goes when i continue to apply it over the next week or two.. Have you tried this one? :) xx

p.s if i were to win i would like the fair/light.

Rebecca said...

Hi Claire!
I haven't tried the Palmers Cocoa Butter gradual tan but when I was buying Garnier Bodysummer I was tossing up between that and Palmers. I opted for Garnier but still want to try out Palmers to see how it is. You should post a review on your blog! :)

Claire said...

it smells amazing! i will post a review, when ive used it for a while! :D x

bellameansbeautifulbeauty said...

im a fellow snow white too! i need a good gradual tanner, i hate the thought of going white to orange in a matter of hours... :/
( oh yeah if i won i would like the light) xx

emma said...

Ahaha "Transluscent wasn't available!" You're a crack up. I haven't tried this one but I can't fnd any gradual ones I like so might have to! I used to use the Dove one but don't like it anymore, they must have changed formula or something!

peach said...

I've heard Samantha Schuerman (I think that's how you spell it) rave about this on youtube! I've always wanted to try it but I've just started using the Olay Touch of Sun.

@Emma,I like the tanning bit of the Dove one but I can't stand the smell or the fact that it NEVER dries! :p

(light/medium xox)

Ela said...

Hey Easy Dress, I have just nominated you as a recipient of the Liebster Blog Award! Please check out this link back to my blog for more information :)

jacquii said...

Hi Rebecca,

This looks like a wonderful giveaway, how generous of you! You're quite the self-tanning expert, aren't you? :)
You're too cute! Applauding yourself for your awesome tan, awww. If I don't win, you've convinced me to go out and try it for myself. x

If I were to win, I'd like the fair/light shade.

Thanks! Stay lovely.

Sarah said...

I am also pale as!! I have been using a dove one but it isnt very good :( but I dont want to waste it so I keep on using it!!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations Peach, you are the winner of this mini giveaway.
Please contact me at rebecca@easydress.org with your postal address within 24 hours.

I will be posting little giveaways like this quite often, check back for more!

(Winner was selected using Random.org)