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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chanel 'May' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

Chanel May is the post perfect, delicate pink I have ever seen in my life.

I had to open with that, it's true.

I applied this in the car so please excuse the mess (I'll fix it up later). Not only is this colour so perfect in the bottle, it applies exactly the same colour. The brush gives a great application but it is quite small in comparison to others. I can imagine that when the polish gets older and starts to go thicker it might be hard too apply.

The polish is a light soft pink cream, no shimmer, no glitter, nothing over powering. It looks great against my fair skin, unlike most soft colours that just look washed out and neutral. It's very complimentary, not at all bold, just pristine and beautiful.

I will report back on the lasting power/chip factor after a few days.
Six days later and I am incredibly impressed. Even after house work over the weekend I don't have a single chip or fault in the polish. I have a very slight lift around my cuticles but nothing that makes me want to remove the polish (and I remove my nail polish as soon as there is even one flaw). I will remove the polish tonight (because I've already gone over my time limit for wearing the same colour nail polish: see my '2012 Beauty Resolutions' here) but not because I have too. I could see this polish easily lasting another 4-5 days. Amazing!

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Ms Jelena said...

Such a lovely colour. Am interested to hear about chipping! xx

india said...

I love this colour. I'm not a huge nail polish fan but I love anything to do with Chanel.