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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chanel 'April' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

Last, but not least, from the Chanel Spring Collection we have 'April' a gorgeous burgundy red with hints of taupe and lilac. The colour is still flat and muted, just like the other shades in the collection, but is still rich and warm. If you're new to dark shades or have fair skin that struggles to pull off dark shades, this is the polish for you. It's deep and rich but doesn't push it too far, it's a very wearable colour and perfect tone for any skin tone. The thing I love most about this polish is that the colour still pops and stands out even though it's a muted shade.

For a day-to-day basis, this has to be my favourite nail polish from the collection. The application was the easiest (even with the cursed Chanel brush), it went on smooth and completely streak free. If you wanted the colour to be a little lighter you could get away with one coat, rather than two.

In my experience, Chanel nail polishes have an incredible wearing time. They can stay on for over a week without chipping.

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