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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The difference between Day and Night Cream (and why you need both).

I am often asked about moisturisers and whether or not you can use your daily moisturiser at night. This post was prompted by a conversation I had with a woman in her mid thirty's in the skin care isle at a supermarket.

She was looking for a day time moisturiser and after watching her debate with herself for 10 minutes while I was reading the back of fake tan bottles, I stepped in. Within a few minutes I knew her skin type and had selected a moisturiser for her, she then asked me about night creams and whether or not she could just use the day time moisturiser instead of buying another cream.

The answer is 'yes, you can, but you shouldn't'.

Here's why:

Day Creams

  1. Daily moisturisers have a thin consistency, they're light weight and quickly absorbed. They're designed this way so your skin doesn't look glossy through the day and so that you can layer make up on top of it. 
  2. They're hydrating and refreshing for the skin and have a long lasting effect. They're often cooling so that your skin will relax and any night time puffiness will vanish. 
  3. You will commonly find an SPF in your day cream, this takes away the need for an additional sunscreen. 
  4. Day creams are commonly oil-light or oil-free. This will help to keep your make up in place and control your natural sebum throughout the day.
  5. On a hydrating/nourishing scale, day creams usually sit at about 5/10. They're not designed to be a treatment for your skin.

Night Creams

  1. Night Creams are a heavier cream, they're thicker and deeply nourishing. They don't absorb as quickly, allowing them to sit on the skin surface and slowly absorb, treating and repairing each layer of skin gently. 
  2. They're commonly oil rich (although oil-light and oil-free night creams are available). The oils in night creams are designed to soften and protect your skin from fine lines and wrinkles. Night creams commonly have a collagen booster in them, especially creams targeted at those aged 30 and above. This helps to naturally fill in fine lines and prevent future lines from appearing. 
  3. Night creams are designed as a rich, hydrating treatment that cares for and protects your skin. 

"So, if night creams are so good why don't you just use a night cream during the day as well?"

Well, night creams are typically heavy. Make up won't sit on top of them because of their rich base, you'll find your blush is sitting around your jaw line by lunch time. And while they are nourishing, we've all heard the saying 'too much of a good thing'. Over hydration can cause skin problems such as break outs and dermatitis, it can also flare up eczema.

Using too many creams and oils on your skin can stop your skin from producing it's own natural oils and hydrating itself. The aim is to give your skin a good treatment at night and just a 'helping hand' during the day with a day cream. This way your skin still works too protect itself but it gets a break too.

If you really enjoy your day cream and want to use it at night too, you can always boost it with a little Jojoba or Rose Hip oil. Take your regular day cream, add a drop or two of oil and blend it gently into your skin. The hydration from the oils will help to restore, repair and treat your skin while you sleep.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Kora Organics Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm

On my venture towards a more Natural Skin Care Routine in 2012, I have been looking around at all the different skin care lines available. Kora has been the main line to catch my attention so far so when I was browsing through my pharmacy and spotted the full range of products I had to buy something. The lipbalm seemed like a good introduction to the brand.

It contains incredibly nourishing Jojoba, Avocado, Rosehip Oils. It's organically flavoured and contains vitamins C and E to nourish and resurface the lips. After applying this in the morning, my lips were hydrated right through until the afternoon. I applied it again late afternoon and then again at night time. For me, only three applications of lip balm a day is pretty amazing.

I am constantly applying lip balm and am dedicated to making sure my lips are always soft and hydrated. I was surprised at how much I like the Kora Lip Balm. I didn't think I would enjoy it so much because it doesn't contain any of the typical chemicals that would usually treat and hydrate lips.

The balm will stay put for hours on end I never have a chapped feeling.

At $24.95 for 6.5mls, it definitely not a cheap lip balm. For those who don't suffer excessive chapping, applying morning and night would definitely be enough to keep your lips soft and hydrated. If you do find that your lips dry out more often than they should, an extra application of the balm during the day will help. Because you don't need to use as much of the product as you do with other lip balms it will last a lot longer and the price can be more justified.

100% of the ingredients are natural and 88.8% are from Organic Farming certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, Kora doesn't test on animals, this product is states that it's Vegan, however it does contain beeswax. It is Australian made and owned.

No Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic colours, T.E.A., D.E.A., Glycols, Silicones, PEGS. Ethoxylate and Formaldehyde free.

My Skin History and exprience with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

As you probably know, one of my Beauty Resolutions for 2012 was to develop a more natural, organic skin care routine (click here to see all of my 2012 Beauty Resolutions).

Before I start the transition, I thought it would be a good idea to post about my skin history, followed by a post on my current skin care routine and then update with my progress throughout the year.

I can honestly say that if you're walking down the skin care isle at your supermarket, I've tried 80% of the products. If you're browsing a pharmacy, I've tried all of those too. Here's why:

I always had clear skin as a teenager. Sure, I had the occasional spot or two but I never had anything that could possibly resemble acne. I've always taken care of my skin, removed make up, washed my face etc so I thought I was on the acne-free home stretch for the rest of my life.
On my 22nd birthday I received a lovely gift, a giant blemish on my jaw line. Awesome, right? Within a week, I had 5 or 6 blemishes in the same area. I had never dealt with acne before so I didn't really know how to treat it. I scrubbed my face raw every night, applied toners and spot treatments throughout the day and started building my own skin care isle in my bathroom. Within a month, I had acne spreading across my jaw and down my neck, primarily on the right hand side. It wasn't just simple spots either, it was dark purple and red blemishes that just wouldn't go away.

I perfected the art of concealing and covering up every trace of acne on my face but every night when I removed my make up, there it was, a glowing, bruising jaw and neck. Lovely.

I tried product after product, all of them failing, none of them strong enough. I invested hundreds of dollars into these lotions and serums that did nothing.

After about 6 months of battles, I went to my doctor to be referred to a dermatologist. I left my acne uncovered so she could see what was going on, as soon as I walked in, sat down and turned to her she said 'What's going on with this' in her Russian accent while pointing to my chin. 'Oh this? This is just a biology project I decided to grow on my chin, do you like it?'

She asked me a few questions, examined my jaw with a magnifying glass (like you'd really need it) and gave me a prescription to have an ultrasound. 'An ultrasound?' I asked, 'of my face?'. 'Not of your face, of your ovaries'. Gulp. She handed me another prescription for a line of blood tests and sent me on my merry way.

An ultrasound and a few jabs later and I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and my hormones were through the roof.

PCOS is one of the most common endocrine disorders, effecting 5-10% of women in reproductive age (11-47). The healthiest woman in the world can still be diagnosed with PCOS and it comes in various different strains from just causing simple acne right down to ovarian cancer and infertility. In most cases, PCOS can be left untreated and may go away itself or you could have it flare up again throughout your reproductive life. It's genetic and can be passed down through generations in your family, it's usually not harm full but it's always a good idea to have it properly cared for.

In my case, acne was really the only external sign. Some women may find their menstrual cycles have a dramatic change or you may have severe mood alterations. The signs and symptoms are varied from woman to woman. An imbalance of hormones is a very common side effect of PCOS. For me, I had elevated estrogen and lowered testosterone which is what was causing my acne. It was like my body was going through puberty again, a time that we all want to repeat I'm sure.

I had the option of a further inspection of my ovaries which would have required surgery but was advised by my doctor that it wasn't necessary, that I would balance myself out for the time being and that in a few years I can go back and see what I need to do. My PCOS is permanent, it's unlikely that it will disappear but it's not severe enough to have removed without risk of infertility.

It's been about 18 months since I was diagnosed and it took about three months after my diagnosis before my skin started to calm down. I took balancing hormones for two months and then chose to go off them because of they made me tired and irritable.

Currently, my skin is clear. I'll see a few blemishes at certain times throughout my menstrual cycle but nothing that is a concern or can't be covered up. I use strong skin care products to combat any sneaky acne but I don't really feel like I need it anymore. My only real problem now is the excruciating period pain that I'm learning to endure, but we won't get into that.

If your skin or menstral cycle suddenly changes, see a doctor. PCOS is very common and always needs diagnosis/treatment whether it's mild or severe.

For more information on PCOS, see the following links:


Friday, January 27, 2012

MAC 'Shop MAC, Cook MAC' Collection (For Autumn 2012, Australia)

Try and Buy a delicious, delovely, delectable, divine, degorgeous, de-with-it, degroovy assortment of Eye Shadow x 4 in wearable brights perfect for Spring. Treat yourself to Lipstick in heavenly hues, mouthwateringly Kissable Lipcolour and Cremeblend Blush. This Spring, shop ‘til you drop with a tongue-in-cheek collection that elevates the everyday into the extraordinary. Whether it’s detergent or diamonds, produce or Prada, everyone loves to shop, shop, shop!

Each season MAC will bring out one big collection and a few smaller collections, this is the big collection for Autumn (Spring Collection in the US).

While all MAC Collections drum up conversation, the most talked about item in this collection are the Tendertones. Tendertones were first launched years ago (I believe in 2007) and they're a creamy, tinted, jelly lip balm that caused a craze amongst fans. They've been talked about ever since and their return has driven up even more excitment. Tendertones have been long lusted over by fans of the first launch and those who have heard so much about them since. Much of the conversation is speculating wether the Tendertones will be made with the same formula. MAC is notorious for relaunching a product that we haven't seen for years and it being slightly different to what people remember. I have never tried Tendertones but I will be grabbing plenty to review on this blog (hopefully prior to the Australian release).

There are plenty of amazing products launching in this collection from eyeshadows and powders to gel liners and nail polish.

See below for more details and let me know what products you would love to try!
I have listed a price range for each item, MAC Collections in Australia can vary in price.

All items are limited edition unless otherwise specified.

Lipstick - $36-$41)
Innocence, Beware! - Light yellow pink (Cremesheen)
Naughty Saute - Bright pepto pink (Cremesheen)
Watch Me Simmer - Bright pink-orange (Amplified)
Quick Sizzle - Bright pink (Matte)
Dish It Up - Berry pink (Lustre)
Runaway Red - Rich red-blue (Satin)

Kissable Lipcolour ($32-$41)
Flaunting It - Grey mauve
So Vain - Muted dirty coral
Scan-delicious - Blue fuchsia 
Woo Me - Light pinky nude 
Enchantee - Light blue pink

Cremeblend Blush ($41-$46)
Optimistic Orange - Bright orange
Florida - Bright coral
Restores Dazzle! - Rich plum

Eyeshadow Quad's ($76-$81)
Shop & Drop - Hypnotizing (frosted grey mauve), Sugar Shack (light pink), Power Boosted (Violet), Shop & Drop (depp blue).
Call Me Bubbles - Call Me Bubbles (light tan), Fresh Daily (orange), Brash (Frosted reddish copper), Full of Flavour (coral).
Colour Added - Laundry Daze (light yellow), Colour Added (Bright Yellow), Self Serve (deep grey), Pre-Packaged (muted turquoise)

Studio Careblend Pressed ($44-$55) (All Permanent)
Medium - Soft creamy beige
Dark - Deep caramel

Fluidline ($32-$36)
Midnight Snack - Soft black
Wholesome - Blackened brown
Added Goodness - Blackened mauve

Tendertone Lip Balm SPF 12 (Price unknown - I assume around $32-$36)
These will sell out incredibly fast, get in quick if you'd like one.
Hush, Hush - Sheer gold with yellow gold pearl
Purring - Sheer tangerine with pearl
Hot ‘n’ Saucy - Soft cherry red
Tread Gently - Soft lime green with yellow pearl

Nail Lacquer ($22-$26)
Al Fredo - Bright acid green (Creme)
Salad Dressed - Mid-tone dirty aqua (Creme)
Kid Orange - Coral (Creme)

(ALL images sourced from Temptalia.com)

OPI 'Lucky Lucky Lavender' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

Lucky Lucky Lavender is a long running favourite summer shade for me. It's incredibly lilac with a very strong pink hue. If hot pink and pale lavender had a baby, this would be it. It's a pale colour but is still bold enough to be a statement. It would work best on light-medium or darker skin tones. If you have fair skin and have a yellow undertone you might find this washes you out a little. If you're fair and have a blue, pink or neutral undertone (like me) the colour will work fine.

The only problem I have with this formula is that it can be slightly streaky in places. OPI has this weird way of creating sheer colours and then turning them opaque, it's almost like the particles of colour have difficulty bonding together sometimes. It's not so bad that you look at your nails and see streaks but if you're looking up close it will be noticeable.

Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Collection (for Autumn 2012 - Australia)

The newest collection from Bobbi Brown is inspired by her beloved rose gold wedding band. As a rose gold lover myself, I'm typically excited by the collection (especially the Rose Gold Shimmer Brick - swoon!).

I am a long time lover, but small time buyer of Bobbi Brown however this collection really excited me. Bobbi Brown focuses on wearable make up, make up that enhances natural beauty. Her collections are always lusted over and for a good reason too - everything is simply beautiful.

Bobbi Brown cosmetics are incredibly easy to wear for simple, effortless beauty.

The Rose Gold Collection includes two shimmer bricks, six lipsticks and four lipglosses. I have my eye on a shimmer brick and lipstick, details are below (prices are the Australian retail price):

Shimmer Brick Compact - $85
Rose Gold - Soft golden pink
Wild Rose - Soft pink

Rich Lip Color SPF 12 - $44
Pink Peony - Peony pink
Lilac - Lilac
Wild Rose - Pink
Miami Coral - Coral
Nude Rose - Pink nude
Beige Gold - Golden nude

Rich Color Gloss - $42
Pink Sorbet - Pink
Angel Pink - Soft pink
Pink Cocoa - Dirty pink
Pink Gold - Golden pink

All items are limited edition

Maybelline 'One-by-One' Mascara Review

I had such high hopes for Maybelline One-by-One, I had heard that  One-by-One would fix every flaw I have ever had with my eyelashes leaving me with the most perfect, pristine lashes I could dream of.

Maybe my expectations were a little too high. Maybe I was lining myself up for disappointment because really, perfect lashes in a mascara bottle? I need Ardell 108's and Duo Glue for that.

I'm going to review the mascara on what it claims to do first, then give my overall opinion. It seems like the most fair way to go about this.

Okay, so the tag line for this mascara is 'bold without the bulk' which absolutely does ring true with what the mascara can do.
One-by-One will not clump, it's a very wet formula and will coat every single lash will it's own layer of mascara. Lashes won't stick together, they won't look heavy, they will hold curl and they will remain separated throughout the day. You can apply this mascara effortlessly and have a full coat in just a few strokes.

However, in a normal application of One-by-One, the volume isn't there. Maybelline promotes 'Clump-Free Volume' for this mascara but doesn't specify how much volume you can expect.

I have long but sparse lashes, I need a mascara to bulk them up and give me the volume I wasn't naturally blessed with. One-by-One coats each lash but you need to use a lot of the product to build up volume. Having said that though, you can apply 10 coats of One-by-One and it still won't clump.
On it's own, this is a great quality in a mascara. You can build up volume, you can define and lengthen, you just need to put the time and effort in to do it, not to mention the amount of product you need to use.

I can't say anything bad about this mascara because it does exactly what it claims to do. Give you bold, defined, separated lashes that won't clump.
It doesn't claim to give you super-mega-crazy volume, nor does it claim to leave you with a phenomenal length. It's a mascara for definition and that's exactly what it does, and does well.

For that alone, I give the mascara a 10/10.

On a personal note, I think that in the promotion of this mascara, Maybelline should really focus on advertising what this mascara really does, give amazing definition. Words like 'bold' and 'fatter, flirtier lashes' don't really describe what One-by-One can and will do.

Also, the add for this mascara makes me angry:

This is not an accurate representation of what the mascara (or any mascara) will do. I'd rather see an add of with the model actually wearing the mascara than an add with a model wearing multiple pairs of false lashes that have nothing to do with the mascara at all.

OPI 'No Spain, No Gain' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

'No Spain, No Gain' is a bold burgundy colour that is heavily accented with a purple hue. It's incredibly easy to wear because the burgundy leans towards the 'blue' side of the colour wheel, making it flattering on most skin tones. It's great for lighter skin because it will neutralise redness, giving the illusion of more tanned skin. It's great for darker skin because of the purple contrast and the way it reflects, it's almost like an illuminator for your hands. 

It's an incredibly wearable colour and has a great wear time.
It's a typical OPI cream finish, effortless to apply and opaque in two coats.

I had a hard time photographing this colour, the shade is as accurate as I could get it but it might be a good idea to google more swatches of the shade before purchasing :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MAC Lipstick Giveaway! 2012 (CLOSED)

Time for another giveaway!

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I've recently been blogging about my love of MAC Lipsticks and have decided to 
give away 4 to my readers!

This giveaway is aimed at my Twitter followers but because I know that not everyone has a twitter account, anyone can enter through my blog.

The rules are very basic but please click here for the full terms and conditions of all EasyDress giveaways and the Privacy Policy.

To enter you must:

  1. Be subscribed to EasyDress.org through Google Friend Connect. To follow my blog just click the blow 'follow' button the the left of the screen, right above my list of followers.
  2. Comment on this post answering the following questions:
The lipstick I would like is:
(If you would also like to leave your email address in the comment it would be helpful but it isn't required. If you win I will find an alternate way of contacting you.)

Each person who comments on this blog post will receive one entry into the competition, however, you can receive up to 13 extra entries on Twitter!

For extra entries you can:

  1. Follow me on Twitter here, this will give you 3 extra entries into the draw (leave in your below comment that you have followed me).
  2. Tweet the following short paragraph about this competition, this will give you 1 extra entry into the draw (up to 10 entries). I will be able to see each tweet so you won't need to notify me that you have sent it =)
Tweet this:
Follow @ohrebeccalife and go to http://bit.ly/wEYgsK to WIN 1 of 4 MAC Lipsticks! Courtesy of #EasyDress.org

Four winners will be chosen at Random to win a MAC Lipstick of their choice valued at $36 (Australian Dollars). 

You must follow my blog before entering the competition.
Just click on 'Join This Site' to the left of the screen, under the 'About Me' section. 
There are no exceptions to this rule, you must be a follower to be a winner.
You can follow with a Google/Gmail/YouTube, Twitter or Yahoo account.

Of course there are rules and requirements:
  1. You must follow my blog, just click on 'Join This Site' to the left of the screen, under the 'About Me' section. There are no exceptions to this rule, you must be a follower to be a winner.
  2. Following EasyDress.org and posting a comment on this post will give you one (1) entry into the giveaway. Following me on Twitter HERE (@ohrebeccalife) will give you three (3) entries into the competition. Tweeting the above mentioned paragraph will give you one (1) additional entry into the competition for each tweet, you may do this up to 10 times.
  3. The total amount of entries you can receive per person is fourteen (14)
  4. MAC Viva Glam and Limited Edition lipsticks are unavailable for this competition due to varying availability. 
  5. Only enter if you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy found HERE.
  6. Winners will be chosen at random using random.org.
  7. There will be 4x First Prize winners of one (1) MAC Lipstick
  8. The total prize value is $144 Australian dollars.
  9. The giveaway will be open until 11.59pm AusEST on the 3rd of February, 2012.
  10. The winners will be announced on the 4th of February, 2012.
  11. Winners will have 24 hours to contact me with their confirmed shade requests once I have sent them an email notifying them that they are the winner. Failure to do so may result in another winner being chosen.
  12. This giveaway is open internationally, anyone can enter.
  13. Previous EasyDress.org winners may enter the competition

It's all very simple and fun!  
Good luck!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

It took me a hours of swatching and tough-decision-making to narrow down my MAC Lipstick collection to just 10 favourites. Mostly because I don't buy MAC Lipsticks unless I really love them and think they're unique. I only have two or three that I don't wear regularly and only two that I don't like at all. But, hard tasks must be finished so here is my Top 10 MAC Lipsticks, in no particular order.

I am listing the shade name, the finish and a quick description of the colour, followed by a picture of the shade. For more information on lipstick finishes or if you're not sure what words like 'Cremesheen' and 'Lustre' mean in the lipstick world, click here to see another blog post on the subject.

At the time of this blog post, all of the lipsticks mentioned are in the MAC permanent collection, none are limited edition or discontinued.

Impassioned - Amplified Creme
Very bright fuchsia, incredibly long wear time.
A very bright bang of colour. 

Vegas Volt - Amplified Creme
An incredible orange-tones coral, long wear time.
Bright colour but without being over-powering or attention-grabbing. 

Chatterbox - Amplified Creme
A bright pink with a red tone, very wearable throughout the day.
A great lipstick if you like colour but don't like your lips to be a statement on your face. A great shade for all skin tones.

Lovelorn - Lustre
I've gone through three of these, I love the colour.
It's perfect for those not-so-perfect lip days.
You can have dry, cracked lips and no one will know with this colour on.
It's a mid-tone pink with a blue hue, which means your teeth are going to look super white with it on.
Syrup - Lustre 
This shade is the same as Lovelorn in the sense that it is perfect for not-so-perfect lip days. 
Incredibly easy to wear and incredibly flattering.It's a mauve-pink, not bright, not light, not dark. 
It's a my-lips-but-better colour for those with pigmented lips.

Angel - Frost
Angel, commonly known as Kim Kardashian's favourite lip colour, was my first and my most loved MAC lipstick. It's a cult favourite because it is so flattering on every skin tone. It's a nude-pink without being nude, it's pale without being washed-out, it's pigmented without being a stand-out. It's all-in-all the perfect shade.

Fanfare - Cremesheen
Fanfare is a mid-tone pink with a yellow hue, it's coral for pink lovers.
I am always asked about my lipstick when I wear this shade, it's unique but not loud.

 Snob - Satin
This semi-matte pink gives a bright bang of colour and is an instant face lift on a tired day. MAC describes it as a 'Mauve', it's not, it's pure pink. It wears for a really long time and is flattering on light to medium skin tones.
Up The Amp - Amplified Creme
This lipstick is commonly seen on Mona and Aria on 'Pretty Little Liars'. I love the shade because it can be worn as a gorgeous deep pink-purple, or it can be worn lightly for a pale wash of lavender hue. Purple toned lipsticks have been seen in every fashion show for the new year and if you're going to invest in on, this should be it. It's versatile, flattering and gives a loud yell if you need it too.

Kinda Sexy - Matte
MAC describes Kinda Sexy as a neutral pinky-rose, and that's exactly what it is. It's a great nude for any skin tone, it'll appear darker on lighter skin tones and lighter on darker skin tones. It's great to tone down lips if you're playing up your eyes and it's great if you just need something to even out your lip colour. It's a great shade too have, one I use often.

I'll be posting a MAC Lipstick Giveaway in the next few days - stay tuned!
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara Review

'They're Real' is an amazing lengthening mascara. I've never seen any mascara give as much length as this one does. The best part about it is that it only focuses on length, not on volume. If you know me at all you know that I love a voluminous mascara but this one is different.

If you have short lashes you know how hard it is to find a mascara that adds length and subtle volume that doesn't make your lashes look even shorter than they already are. The trick with short lashes is lengthening and separating, not volumising. 'They're Real' does just that, the only volume you get is the natural volume that a layer or two of mascra will cause.

It's quite innovative in the fact that it doesn't really have a tip at the end of the brush. The bristles go all the way over the 'tip' of the brush so you can use it for those shorter lashes in the inner corner or to get right to the root of those hard-to-reach lashes. It gives a bit of a nod to Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes mascara in that sense.

It doesn't give any curl but it does lift lashes, opening the eyes and creating more length. It's easy to remove with make up remover and it stays put throughout the day.

Anyone with short lashes or voluminous lashes will love this product for it's lengthening properties. I have naturally long but sparse lashes and still liked this mascara as a base underneath a volumising mascara. Instant length and definition.

This is such an innovative product, hats off to Benefit.

Seche Vite vs INM Top Coat

I have a story for you:

I have been using INM Top Coat for years, literally years. I believe I purchased my first bottle in 2006, at the same time that I purchased my first OPI Nail Polish. I had no experience with top coats prior to INM and just went with what the nail artist told me to buy. For years I was using INM and was so incredibly pleased with it that I couldn't think of switching to anything else.

Then I found YouTube, which meant I also found a Seche Vite obsession. Every time I painted my nails I thought about Seche Vite and all the rave it was causing online. It isn't available in Australia and I eventually just brushed it off and continued using INM.

It needs to be said that I never had a problem with INM or the way it performed, I loved it, it was perfect. It's just that ringing obsession that everyone had with Seche Vite was ringing in my ears and I knew I was missing out on something.

When I went to California this spring I ventured into Sally Beauty Supply and like a shining beam of light, there was Seche Vite. I purchased a bottle, then at the register I pulled over another bottle and purchased two. I figured, hey, I've been needing Seche Vite in my life for years, I may as well keep a back up bottle.

Tucked neatly in my suitcase, wrapped in tissue paper, my two bottles of 'miracle in a bottle' ventured back home with me. A few days after I arrived back home, I took out the little bottles that were going to revolutionise the way I wear nail polish and proceeded to paint my nails.

When I had finished I held my hand up to the light and gazed at my super shiny Seche Vite nails. I thought about my bottles of INM sitting in my closet, crying over their replacement. But my nails were so shiny! INM has a great shine to it but Seche Vite glowed.

Then, things started to turn sour.

At work the next day I noticed scratches in my nail polish. 'Hmm' I said, 'not good'. By the end of the day I had a corner at the base lifted and a chip on my index finger. I thought 'maybe I did it wrong' and continued to apply another coat on top that night, I powered through, convinced that it was my fault and not the fault of this so called 'miracle product'. By the end of the next day half of my nails were almost matte because of all the scratches in the top coat. I removed the nail polish completely and tried again, two days later, scratched to infinity. I tried again, scratched, scratched, scratched. Peeling nail polish, chips everywhere and no sign of that life changing staying power that I was promised. I tried both bottles, both did the same thing.

'WHHHYYYYY!' I screamed. Actually I didn't, but I felt like it inside. I spend years craving a product that I hated just because someone else liked it and it had a better brand name.

I went back to INM, groveled for forgiveness, and repainted my nails with the top coat that had stuck by me for years. The top coat that always worked and held my nail polish on for a week at a time.

I guess the moral of the story is that just because something has a brand name, or just because it is a coveted or cult item, doesn't make it better than a lesser known product. INM is reliable, it's strong, fast and less expensive. It's easier to find and just works.

Not only that but Seche Vite contains Toluene, a hazardous chemical that has been removed from most nail polishes (even the cheap ones) and is also not commonly found in products in Australia. I don't know why Seche Vite still continue to use toluene, it's known to be dangerous.

Team INM!

Chanel 'April' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

Last, but not least, from the Chanel Spring Collection we have 'April' a gorgeous burgundy red with hints of taupe and lilac. The colour is still flat and muted, just like the other shades in the collection, but is still rich and warm. If you're new to dark shades or have fair skin that struggles to pull off dark shades, this is the polish for you. It's deep and rich but doesn't push it too far, it's a very wearable colour and perfect tone for any skin tone. The thing I love most about this polish is that the colour still pops and stands out even though it's a muted shade.

For a day-to-day basis, this has to be my favourite nail polish from the collection. The application was the easiest (even with the cursed Chanel brush), it went on smooth and completely streak free. If you wanted the colour to be a little lighter you could get away with one coat, rather than two.

In my experience, Chanel nail polishes have an incredible wearing time. They can stay on for over a week without chipping.

As for the other nail polishes in the collection:
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chanel 'June' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

Chanel June is a gorgeous faded apricot cream colour. It is a flat colour with no shimmer, no glitter, no dimension of any kind. It sits perfectly on the nails, adding a splash of colour without being 'in-your-face' loud.

I generally tend to stick to either dark colours, or pinks and reds. Orange tones have never been 'my thing' because they never flatter my fair complexion. Often they will make my hands look pale and blue toned. June is different, it compliments my skin tone and it would definitely compliment darker skin tones as well (I won't say it will compliment lighter skin tones than mine because lets face it, I'm practically see through). This shade would look stunning on tanned, olive, brown or darker skin. It's a universal colour.

The only bad thing about this polish is the brush. Like all Chanel nail polish brushes, it's thin and can be difficult to work with if you're not experienced. It takes a few fill in's and dotting to get this nail polish too look even and erase any streaks. I think it's because of the colour but out of all the chanel polishes I have tried, this one was the hardest to work with. But it's still wearable and you'll get the hang of it after a few atempts.

In my experience, Chanel nail polishes have had an amazing wear time (over a week) and stay looking pristine as long as you use a top coat.

As for the other nail polishes in the collection:
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Moroccan Oil - Hair Treatment

If I could figure out a quick way of posting myself singing 'Halleliuja' at the beginning of this post, I would.
Would it be too extreme to say that Moroccan Oil changed my life? Yeah, probably, but it wouldn't be a lie.

I use an obscene amount of heat on my hair, it's heavily colour treated and quite long, meaning that my ends are old and need extra care. 

I use treatments, hair masks, heavy duty conditioners and all the at-home remedy's in the book to make sure I have incredibly soft, silky hair. But nothing, and I mean nothing, works as well as Moroccan oil. 
Depending on who you ask, you will receive varied responses on how much of the product you should use. Some people say that one pump of oil is too much for their hair, others (like me) use up to 5 pumps in an application. I think it depends on your hair length and texture. I have fine hair that is naturally very curly from my ears down. I straighten and restyle it every day so the heat will dry out my hair over time. Moroccan Oil helps to restructure my hair, keep it soft and smooth while making it incredibly shiny and silky. I put 3-4 pumps in my hand, rub it between my fingers and work it through the ends and up the lengths of my hair. I don't find that I need to be careful to avoid the roots so I will run whatever is left through the rest of my hair. I will occasionally take an extra pump and run it back through the ends again. 

I was incredibly hesitant before trying Moroccan Oil ('You want me to put OIL in my HAIR??') but it doesn't leave hair oily at all. There is no oily residue and it doesn't effect how often I need to wash my hair. It also speeds up the drying time of your hair so you can use less heat. 

This is the one hair product that I refuse to go without. I have used it for over a year every time I wash my hair. I can't say enough good things about Moroccan Oil, it's truly a saviour.

(Note: I have tried other brands of Moroccan and Argan oils and nothing is as good as the Moroccan Oil brand.)

Monday, January 16, 2012

What's In My Bag? January, 2012.

Maybe it's because of my naturally inquisitive nature but I love rifling through other peoples hand bags. I sling my day-to-day life over my shoulder each morning. I curiously stare at the size of another woman's handbag on the train and guess all the things she may be keeping in there.

Ever since I started blogging, one of my most requested posts was a 'What's In My Bag' post. I generally keep my handbag pretty clean, I throw so much in there that it ends up weighing a ton in a couple of days.

I also have started switching to a smaller bag on the weekends when I don't need so many items with me at all times. I'll start off by listing all the things that I will keep in my 'weekend bag' and then continue on with everything that will be thrown into my 'weekday bag'.

1: Wallet
A staple, of course. I carry a Marc Jacobs Continental Turn-Lock Wallet. I love it, it's the perfect size.

2: Phone
Because I needed my phone to take the picture, I've left my phone cover in it's place. I carry an iPhone 4s, the case is a diamante base with a lace overlay. I have a lace obsession, I found it on eBay.

3: Lipstick
On a good day I will only have 4-5 lipsticks in my bag, but usually you'll find at least 10. They're usually MAC because they're the lipsticks I will commonly reach for but you'll often find a Chanel or Revlon lipstick in there somewhere.

4: Keys
Of course, I can't get anywhere without them.

5: Hand Cream
I hate the feeling of tight or dry hands, hand cream is a must. I love Lush 'Helping Hands' hand cream, it makes my nails really shiny too.

They are the five things I will have in my weekend bag, I'll have all of the previously mentioned plus all of the following in my weekday bag.

6: Headphones
It's the little red triangle thing in the middle of the picture. It takes me a car ride, train ride, tram ride and a walk to get to work, headphones are mandatory. I use HeartBeats by Dr Dre.

7: Card Wallet
I have too many store cards and loyalty cards to keep in my wallet. I have too many to keep anywhere, actually. I keep use a separate little wallet to keep them all in, though I should really sort through them all.

8: Hairspray
Because you never know when you'll need it, it's also great for removing nail polish in an emergency, tutorial coming soon!

9: Tissues, Towelettes and feminine supplies.
Tissues, obviously. Towelettes because I hate when my hands aren't clean and I use public transport. Feminine supplies are in the little Moxie tin, I also keep band aids and Panadol in there. Multi-tasking!

10: An umbrella
This goes in and out of my handbag, depending on the season. Even though it's summer at the moment the weather has been changing rapidly. I'd rather carry an umbrella for no reason then carry a hair straightener in case it rains.

11: Dental floss, medications, band aids, nail file and a pen.
Dental floss is a must, I use easy-floss so I don't have to deal with the whole 'string' thing. Pain killers, etc. Band Aids, because I'm a female that wears shoes. Need I say more? I used to carry around nail scissors but I've been pulled over at airport security too many times too keep buying more. I have now chosen to carry a simple looking nail file.

12: Make Up essentials
Mascara, powder and a nude lipliner have a rightful place in my handbag. The mascara is MAC Opulash, the powder is MAC Pressed Blot Powder and the lipliner is MAC Naked.

13: Perfume
I am not about carry around a glass bottle of perfume in my handbag, it would smash before I even left my house. I use a Travelo refillable spray bottle, let me know if you'd like a review on it. At the moment I am carrying Aquolina.

14: Snack bars
Quick lunches on the run, forgotten breakfasts or just general pangs of hunger can be quickly solved by having healthy snack bars on hand. I love these Choc Macadamia No Numbers bars from Go Natural. They have no additives, no preservatives, no added or fake sugar. The ingredients list reads simply 'Dates, Macadamias, Almonds, Cocoa', no numbers. They're delicious and only about $1.50 from supermarkets.

15: Receipts
Because no matter how hard you try, they are going to accumulate and they are going to take up more room than they should and wrap themselves around the one object you're hunting for.

Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy' - Perfume Review

Viva La Juicy has very quickly become one of my most loved scents. 

It opens with a burst of berries and mandarin, as well as honeysuckle and jasmine. 
As the perfume cools down, notes of warm vanilla and caramel sneak through and mix with the earthy sandalwood and amber.
Honeysuckle stays strong throughout the entire wear of the perfume but the final scent you receive is a warm, toasted vanilla with a hint of burnt caramel and soft sandalwood.

The wear time on the perfume isn't fantastic (about 3-4 hours) but I find that it lasts longer when sprayed onto clothes or hair. 

This is my second bottle of Viva La Juicy, the first bottle I had was 30ml, this time I opted for the largest size, 100ml.

The bottle is gorgeous, the detailing around the Juicy Couture logo is fantastic. The bottle doesn't look cheap, it's heavy and sturdy, the pump is strong.

I would categorize the scent as oriental, gourmand and mildly floral.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bliss Steep Clean - Face Mask

As I sit here with a green face, literally, I was contemplating blog posts for today.
You may have noticed my little poll in the top left of the screen, they are four of my upcoming blog posts and I'll post them in order of highest requested.

Until the poll has finished I have been a little stumped on what to write but then I thought 'Hey! I have a green face! Let's post about that!'.

Bliss Steep Clean has become a staple in my skin care routine, it's an amazing product for many reasons.
For those who don't know, Bliss is an elite spa in New York and although I have never had a chance to go there myself, I have tried a few Bliss products over the years and absolutely loved them.

I was browsing SkinStore.com for a an oil control face mask with microdermabrasion. I saw the Bliss logo pop up and bought the recommended product straight away.

I was going to put my review into my own words but the description that Bliss gives of the product describes it perfectly:
"Bliss Steep Clean® Mask is a pore-plunging, clog-clearing, professional-strength facial mask that transforms skin into a scene of extreme purity in just 15 minutes. This skincare essential exfoliates dead skin cells for a smoother complexion, prevents clogged pores to minimize breakouts, minimizes large pores, and brightens skin. It is a must-have for all (but especially congested) skin types."

I have revealed to you all before that I have always had a problem with forbidden pores and my constant hassle with unclogging them. Although this product doesn't clear them completely, it does a mighty fine job. It's a dermabrasion product which means that it dissolves dead skin cells and leaves your skin incredibly soft, you know, that oh-my-gosh-I-can't-stop-touching-it kind of soft. It brightens skin and leaves you feeling incredibly clean and fresh.

The bottle contains two creams, a blue cream and a yellow cream. These aren't mixed in the bottle so it also contains two pumps. The bottle asks you to push the pumps down together to mix the product but I find it a lot easier to press them individually to make sure you get an equal amount of each cream.

Pump out two pumps of the blue cream and two pumps of the yellow and mix together on your fingers. Apply to washed, clean skin and let it sit for 15 minutes (occasionally I'll go for 20 minutes). Then gently remove the mask with a warm, wet towel.

The thing I think I love the most about this product is that it doesn't sting, it doesn't tighten, it doesn't set or harden, it doesn't feel like anything other than a hydrating cream on your face. I hate face masks that I have to sit and put up with while they burn my skin. This is gentle and effective, no pain at all.

When I take off the cream my skin is glowing, healthy and so clean (some may even say it's steep clean..)

The bottle costs $54 on SkinStore.com (plus $14.95 shipping but shipping is capped at $14.95 so you can buy as many things as you want) and I honestly believe that it is a bargain, even at $54. I have used this about six times (once a week for six weeks) and I think I have about two thirds left (another 12 applications, another 12 weeks).

It's suitable for all skin types and if you have combination/oily skin I highly recommend.

Chanel 'May' Nail Polish Review (NOTD)

Chanel May is the post perfect, delicate pink I have ever seen in my life.

I had to open with that, it's true.

I applied this in the car so please excuse the mess (I'll fix it up later). Not only is this colour so perfect in the bottle, it applies exactly the same colour. The brush gives a great application but it is quite small in comparison to others. I can imagine that when the polish gets older and starts to go thicker it might be hard too apply.

The polish is a light soft pink cream, no shimmer, no glitter, nothing over powering. It looks great against my fair skin, unlike most soft colours that just look washed out and neutral. It's very complimentary, not at all bold, just pristine and beautiful.

I will report back on the lasting power/chip factor after a few days.
Six days later and I am incredibly impressed. Even after house work over the weekend I don't have a single chip or fault in the polish. I have a very slight lift around my cuticles but nothing that makes me want to remove the polish (and I remove my nail polish as soon as there is even one flaw). I will remove the polish tonight (because I've already gone over my time limit for wearing the same colour nail polish: see my '2012 Beauty Resolutions' here) but not because I have too. I could see this polish easily lasting another 4-5 days. Amazing!

As for the other nail polishes in the collection:
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012



I know you're all going to skip to the winners anyway so I'll start with that.

1st Prize:
A MAC Eye Kit!
  • 4 x MAC Eyeshadows of your choice 
  • 1 x MAC 4 Slot Compact
  • 1 x MAC Eyeliner. Your choice of Kohl Pencil (Smolder or Teddy) OR 1 x MAC Black Liquid Liner
  • 1 x MAC Opulash Mascara
Total prize value of $178 (Australian)


2nd Prize:
A MAC Lip Kit!

  • 1 x MAC Original Lipstick of your choice
  • 1 x MAC Lipglass of your choice
Total prize value of $71 (Australian)


The three winners of 
1 x MAC Original Lipstick 
for refering a friend are:
Steph v L
Stefanie Gl
Ana Kn
(There were a few Stefanie/Steph's and Ana's so I have added the first few letters of your last names)

I will contact ALL winners by email for their shade selections and postal address, please do not contact me. This prevents other people from emailing me stating that they are you.

I have THREE giveaways planned for the next month or so, stay tuned so you don't miss out :)

I've had so many entries and winners from so many different places, thank you all so much for participating in the competition.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nail Care / Manicure Routine

I'm not really a 'minimal' person, I have an excessive skin care routine, an excessive hair care routine and an excessive manicure routine.

My hands are excessively dry from the recycled air in my office, it has turned me into a hand cream junkie and made keeping my nail beds well treated quite a task.

So here is a rundown of my basic manicure routine:

1: Remove all nail polish

It's important to start with clean nails and hands. I am not loyal to a nail polish remover, generally it's Cutex or Sally Hansen but I would love to find a better one. I use cotton squares rather than rounds because the squares have a sewn seam on the sides which holds them together for longer.

2: Cuticles need love too

It's up to you whether you want to push or trim or leave your cuticles alone but whatever you choose to do, make sure you are keeping your cuticles hydrated and soft. Cuticle oil is very common and easy to find, or you can try a cuticle butter. Cuticle butter is usually a solidified oil, it's less messy and often more hydrating. I like Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter from Lush. I apply a good amount to each nail and let it sit for a few minutes, I'll then take time rubbing in the cuticle butter to each nail as it turns into an oil. Once it's rubbed into my cuticles I will rub the rest around my hands.

I choose to trim my cuticles. Use a pusher (these can be found in any pharmacy for a few dollars) and then use a base trimmer to cut away the cuticles. I find that a base trimmer is far easier then using cuticle scissors. Cutting your cuticles doesn't hurt at all. If you have any pain then you are cutting too far down.

3: Scrub and soften those grimy little paws

I use Ocean Salt Scrub from Lush to exfoliate my hands. Onto dry hands place a small scoop of the salt and massage it into your hands. It should dissolve into grains and your hands may tingle a little from the deep exfoliation. Rinse off with warm water and voila! Super soft hands. You'll need to moisturise your hands after using any form of scrub, I like Creme Anglais from Lush for a hand treatment after scrubbing. On a day-to-day basis I will use Helping Hands from Lush.
Wait until all the moisturiser has soaked into your hands before applying nail polish.

4: Prime, Polish and Finish

Clip your nails to the same length, I like my nails to be quite flat on top so I prefer to use toe nail clippers. file the edges and corners gently to finish your perfect shape.

Give your hands a good rinse to remove any excess oil from your nails and apply a base coat. I like Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, it helps nail polish apply streak free and stops cracking and splitting of the nails. When that has dried continue with your nail polish, a few coats is best with time to dry in between.
Finally, clean up any edges with cotton tips and nail polish remover and  finish with a super strong, super glossy top coat. I've been trying Seche Vite top coat (which is pictured above) but I recommend INM Out The Door Top Coat - it's actually amazing.

Essie - 'Peach Daiquiri' Nail Polish - Review (NOTD)

I know, I know. 'Really..? Another Peach - Pink - Coral nail polish?' ... I'll go for something different next time.. I promise.

I think it's because I have my nail polishes sorted into colour order an I am just going down the line.

Anyway, this colour is Peach Daiquiri by Essie. It's actually one of the only Essie shades that I really like. Essie can be pretty hit-or-miss with it's formula but this one applies really smooth and opaque, plus it has a great wear time of about 5-6 days without chipping. I love how bright this colour is which is why I chose to wear it on this raining, gloomy Monday. It's an instant pick-me-up.. with no side effects.

I actually thought I might have to say goodbye to this colour when I was flying back from the US, it leaked all through my make-up bag. I had to throw out the bag and a few make up items but at least the nail polish was spared.

I love this colour, love the formula, an easy 10/10.

What colour would you like to see next?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Garnier Bodysummer Gradual Tan Moisturiser (GIVEAWAY-CLOSED)

On the top shelf of my beauty closet you will find a large box, inside that large box you will find an array of body products that I am not currently using. 80% of those products are self-tanners.

See, I was born with skin whiter than Snow White and tanning isn't possible. I'm pretty much a ghost.

I've been self tanning since high school and it's pretty easy to say that I've 'been there, done that' with most products. 

It's not easy to tan fair skin because any imperfection you make will show up loud and proud. Self-tanners also tend to look more orange on fair skin than on tan-able skin. 

Moisturising gradual tanners always work the best but I've never had one work as well as the Garnier Bodysummer gradual tanner. Not only is it incredibly moisturising, it's also an incredibly easy application with no orange and no streaks. 

Garnier Bodysummer claims to adapt to your own natural skin tone to bring out your natural tan. Well, I have no natural tan so I was positive that this wasn't going to work. There are two options when buying, Fair/Light or Medium/Dark, they didn't have a 'Translucent' option so I went with Fair/Light. I applied it on my arms in the afternoon and stared at it waiting for the tan to appear. Nothing, it got self-conscious and wouldn't work while someone was watching it. A few hours later I noticed that my skin on my arms was slightly darker than the skin on my legs - Ah-ha! I slathered on another layer and went to bed expecting to be an orange monster when I awoke. I was incredibly surprised that when I woke up in the morning I had the sun-kissed glow I was promised. 'MORE!' I shouted while applying another layer.

I arrived at work, showed off my Sun Kissed Glow and gave myself a round of applause. 

Not only does it give a wonderful, mess free colour, it also doesn't turn your hands and fingers orange (they're a little bit more tan than your arms but hand soap or lemon juice will bring them down a few shades). 
It doesn't wash off in the shower but it will fade (obviously), but you can apply another layer after your shower to bring back the glow.

It's incredibly moisturising, so much that I am now tempted to purchase the regular Garnier Body moisturiser. 

I highly recommend Garnier Bodysummer and have a bottle to give away to a reader. 
Just leave a comment below saying whether you would like Fair/Light or Medium/Dark (please read the Terms and Conditions here).
Check back in a few days to see if you're the winner!
Congratulations Peach, you are the winner of this mini giveaway. 
Please contact me at rebecca@easydress.org with your postal address within 24 hours.

I will be posting little giveaways like this quite often, check back for more!

(Winner was selected using Random.org)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OPI Flower To Flower Nail Polish - NOTD

OPI Flower to Flower is a faded hot pink cream formula with an incredibly subtle shimmer. It has a beautiful application, incredibly creamy and pigmented. Two coats is opaque and perfect. It wears really well too, it wears like a solid cream formula rather than a shimmery formula.

For those who don't know, Flower to Flower is the nail polish that the 'dead girl' (Alison) is wearing during the opening song in Pretty Little Liars. When I saw the colour I went on a hunt to find the shade.

It's great for a bold pink without being a true 'hot pink'.

It was officially released in Autumn of 2010 but had been floating around for some time before then.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6 Beauty Resolutions for 2012

New Years Resolutions aren't really my 'thing', but I thought it would be a good idea to come up with some Beauty Resolutions for 2012 as a motivation to actually complete the tasks I set up for myself.

With no prior thought, I'm making these up as I go along:

1. Develop a more natural, less chemical, skin care routine.

I use so many chemicals on my face it's crazy. I have always been very strict about skin care but I always had clear skin as a teenager so I was able to use mild cleansers. When I turned 21 my skin changed and suddenly I am having to apply tonics, creams, acids, peroxides to my face to make sure I never break out. Over the past few months my skin as settled down and I've cut out a few potions and lotions but am still using hard glycolic acid, strong salicylic acid and alcohol heavy cleansers/toners.

I am hoping that by the middle of this year I will be able to work out a more natural, less abrasive, chemical reduced skin care routine.

If you have any product suggestions, please leave them in the comments below :)

2. Use what I have

I will drastically cut down my spending on make up this year. I own more make up than any women would need throughout her entire life and quite honestly, no one needs it. I am never going to stop buying make up, I love it too much and I enjoy trying new products. In 2009 I went crazy on building a collection of everything, in 2010 I immersed myself in MAC and in 2011 I threw myself into Sephora and Nordstrom with both guns blazing, (Are you there Rebecca, it's me, Chanel). In 2012 I will buy only staple products that need constant replacement (foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc) and only products that I know I will actually use (that poor Chanel Bronze Universal sitting in my drawer mocks me every day). I am a sucker for limited edition items. I hereby vow to read reviews and make educated decisions before spending more money on coloured powders and creams.

3. Ruts are okay.

I have been known to ban myself from using particular items because it stops me from using anything else (my Naked Palette took a bashing in the start of the year and hasn't been used since). I have decided that it is a GOOD THING to use up products and hey, if a rut is working then why stop?

4. Project 10 Pan.

For those that don't know, Project 10 Pan was a craze started by YouTube Beauty Blogger Laura (lollipop26). The basic rules are that you cannot purchase another make up item until you have 10 empty pans (pans being make up products that are completely empty). I don't like this, I don't like this at all. I like new things, no one likes old things. Alas, it has to be done. At some point during the year I will embark on Project 10 Pan, promising to not buy any more beauty products until I have finished off 10.

5. Nail-Polish Schmail-Polish. 

No more nail polishes until I have 'Nail Of The Day'd' at least 90% of the nail polishes I currently own. The extra 10% covers nail polishes that aren't as wearable (glitters, shatters etc). Now you may be thinking 'Okay, so you have a couple of months or so of not buying nail polish', nope, not true. I own about 120 nail polishes and if I change my nail polish every 5 days (on average) that's still only about 73 nail polishes in a year. I also vow not to be a cheat and paint my nails five times in one day. Exceptions will be made for very limited edition, coveted nail polishes (such as the Chanel Summer line). Damn, I'm re-thinking this one already.

6. Blog

How's a minimum of 3 posts a week sound? I want to say 5 but 3 seems more attainable for a full time worker. Let's aim for 5 posts a week with a minimum of three.

So there you have it, 6 Beauty Resolutions for 2012. I'll report back throughout the year and let you know how I'm going and which ones I regret ever making.

What are your resolutions? Leave them in the comments or make your own blog post and link me :)

Happy New Year!