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Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 10 MAC Eyeshadows

I'm often asked by readers or friends to recommend good 'starter' or 'must-have' products, especially from MAC.

MAC have an amazing range of eye and lip products which is fantastic because of the variety but also a little overwhelming. It can be a daunting task trying to find just one eyeshadow you love in a sea of hundreds.

I thought I would list off my Top 10 must-have MAC eyeshadows for you, including the reasons why I love them. I have picked these colours from a collection of my most-loved and have tried to stick to colours that will suit most skin tones.

Blanc Type

Blanc Type is a ivory white, it's a Matte2 finish.
Matte2's are smooth and creamy, unlike regular Matte Shades which can be quite hard with little colour pay-off.
It's a perfect colour for all over the lid or works well as a brow and inner corner high-light. If you have fair skin it can also be used to blend out colours.


This is a perfect warm colour for those 'in a rush' looks. It can be swept all over the lid and has enough dimention to look amazing on it's own. It is an opaque colour that you can still build darker in the crease if you wanted to stick with just one colour.
It's a plum brown, a staple colour for me and one I use often.

Satin Taupe

Satin Taupe is another one of those 'all over the lid' colours. It's a perfect taupe with just at a hint of lilac when it catches the lights. It's really flattering and is great for day-wear, especially in winter.
I love this all over my lid with a brown colour blended through the crease (such as MAC Sable).

Expensive Pink

This is a fantastic layering colour. It looks amazing in the crease, especially if you use a darker colour in your outer corner and blend it through Expensive Pink. It's an incredibly flattering colour, great for day or night. It also makes an amazing cheek highlight if you like products that you can use for more than one thing.


This is a perfect outer corner colour for both day and night. It's bold enough for night time but still not too crazy for day wear. It's a dark taupe-brown and creates fantastic definition, especially for those trying to change the shape of the eye. It can also be used as a liner for a suttle, smokey look.

All That Glitters

All That Glitters is iconic in the MAC world. It's a neutral rose gold peach colour that works on every skin tone. Despite it's name, it's not incredibly glittery, it's just the perfect combination of shimmer and sheen. It looks amazing over the eyelid and can easily be worn on it's own. This is a must have colour, I've gone through multiple pans of it.

Fig. 1.

This is also a Matte2 finish, incredibly pigmented and creamy. This has to be one of my favourite eyeshadows, out of every brand. It's an outstanding colour and the pigmentation is to die for. It adds a pop of colour to any neutral look and is the perfect shade for casual wear. I personally perfer to wear neutral shades and this colour fits right in without looking bright or out of place.


One thing that MAC don't do well is black eyeshadows. Typographic is a Matte2 finish (you've probably gathered how much I love those) and is a slightly dark grey black. It's not pure black but it gets pretty close. It's bold, strong, pigmented and amazing. One of my all time favourite shades.


Twinks is incredibly flattering on every skin tone. It's a deep copper plum that is completely wearable. It blends incredibly well and looks amazing with neutral and peach colours. It warms up the face and brightens the eyes. It looks especially good with brown and green eyes.

 Crystal Avalanche

It would be a crime for me to not mention Crystal Avalanche. It may not be the most practical colour, nor is it the most pigmented or smooth colour but it has an amazing finish and is incredibly universal. I use this colour as my inner corner and brow high-light, it can be used as a cheek highlight also. It's perfect to lighten up darker colours and is great for layering if you accidently go a little too dark with your eyeshadow. I love placing it on the ball of my moving eyelid to make my eyes look brighter. It's truely an amazing shade and I believe it's a must have in any collection.

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