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Friday, December 9, 2011

Mario Badescu Silver Powder

I have been wanting to try the Mario Badescu Silver Powder for such a long time. I have pretty tame, forgiving skin but have always had a real problem with blackheads.

I spend hours a week with pore strips, toners, different types of acids and peroxides, face brushes, heck even tooth brushes, just trying to keep my pores clean.

It is commonly believed that blackheads are a build up of dirt inside your pore but this isn't true. Blackheads will build up on even the cleanest skin. A blackhead is basically solidified oil created by your skin. If you have oily skin (like most of us do) it is likely that you find pesky little blackheads appearing inside your pores on and around your nose, or even on your forhead and chin. They're not raised like a blemish is, they don't swell or cause any pain, they just sit there all annoying. A blackhead isn't dirt or grease, it's just your skins natural oils getting trapped inside a pore.

The unfortunate thing is that if you have normal/combination/oily skin, you're going to spend the rest of your young adult life trying to get rid of them.

I have always been a firm advocate for Biore Pore Strips (and I still am) but even they won't get rid of all of them. Those stupid exfoliators and gels that they say 'disolve blackheads' don't work, and believe me, I've got 30 half empty bottles in my bathroom to prove I've tried them all. Steam cleaning doesn't work either. Those pesky sons of witches just love their little pore-caves.

Back on topic, on my first try of the Mario Badesku Silver Powder I was incredibly impressed. I stopped treating my pores for about a week prior to using the powder to see how it actually works. I saw a dramatic reduction in blackheads, about the same result as using a pore strip but a lot less pain. I waited two days and tried the powder again and still saw a greater reduction, almost to the point of no blackheads. After what is now the third attempt I have almost no blackheads and am incredibly pleased with the result.

I have come to expect nothing to be easy in skin care, I expect only half of what a product claims to do and never get my hopes up. The Silver Powder was a pleasent surprise and I will continue using it.

Speaking of using it, here's how you do it.

  • Open up the cute little pot of Silver Powder
  • Don't spill it, open with caution.
  • Take a cotton pad or cotton ball and wet it under warm water.
  • Dip the cotton into the silver powder and apply it gently over any blackhead areas (for me it's just my nose)
  • The powder will turn into a paste on the cotton and apply like a thick cream.
  • Let the cream dry for 10 minutes and remove with a facial toner (or witch hazel).
Alas! Cleaner pores.

The Negative:

The powder does claim to also reduce the amount of oil your skin produces but I haven't really seen that effect. Keeping in mind that I have only been using the powder for a short time, I will update if this changes.

Other than that, all positive and a high recommendation from me.


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