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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clarisonic Mia (Review)

I have a very strict skin care routine. I used the same products every day, in the same order, at the same time. I have been wanting to add a Clarisonic to my routine for quite some time now but didn't actually purchase one until a few months ago. Since then, the Clarisonic has become a staple item in my skin care routine. 

I opted for the Clarisonic Mia rather than the Clarisonic Classic.
My reasoning was pretty simple - it was cheaper.
I did to quite a lot of research into what the differences between the Classic Clarisonic and the Mia are and here is what I found:

  • The Classic has a base charger that you can stand the wand up in. The Mia has a magnetic charger that just clicks onto the wand, you will need to lay it down on your bench.
  • The Classic beeps when you need to move to the next section of your face, the Mia doesn’t, it comes with a booklet telling you how long you should spend on each area of your face and will turn itself off when you should be finished.
  • The Classic has a bigger handle and is heavier, the Mia is made for travel so it is smaller and a lot lighter.
  • The Classic has three speed settings, the Mia only has one which is the middle speed on the Classic. This isn’t a downfall in my opinion, the different speeds on the Classic really don’t make a noticeable difference in how it works.
  • They both use the exact same brush heads, there is no difference at all.
  • The Mia holds it's battery charge longer than the Classic does, which makes sense, since it's made for travel.

But here's the big difference, while you can pay up to $220 for a Classic, you can find a Mia for as little as $120.

But on with the review:

My skin is smoother, softer and more vibrant. My skin feels smooth and fresh every night when I take off my make up and I have had no problems with blemishes since I started using it. The Clarisonic is designed to deep clean while removing your make-up. I wet my face and apply Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser (you can find a review here). I rinse the brush head under warm water, shake off any excess and proceed to clean my face. Once I have gone through a full cycle (the Clarisonic will turn itself off when your face is clean) I will turn it back on and do a little more over my chin and jaw. I rinse off my face and follow with my regular cleanser.

It's imporant to remember that the Clarisonic is something you add to your skin care routine, it is not designed to replace your regular cleansing routine. It is a deep cleaning tool to remove dirt, oil and make up and prep your skin for cleansing.

I highly, highly, highly recommend the Clarisonic. I love it.

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