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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MAC Opulash Mascara

I am one among many who have been consistently disappointed with the quality of high-end mascaras.
Most seem to coat the lashes with watery black fluid and stop there. I think it's because a lot of high-end brands expect that you will wear false lashes because, you know, we all have time to mess around with that in the morning..

I have tried many high end mascaras and after continued disappointment I just gave up. I chose to stay with my lower cost mascaras and I was perfectly content with doing so.

Then along came MAC, proving once again that it knows exactly what we want.

MAC released Opulash about six months ago and like all other high end mascara releases I didn't even think about purchasing it.

I was standing at a checkout at Priceline and I heard two girls talking about Opulash, one of whom claimed that she had never tried a better mascara. The girl eventually convinced her friend to put down the Revlon mascara that she was about to purchase and go to MAC to buy Opulash.

I followed, I purchased, they thought I was stalking them. Oh well.

The first time I tried it I was impressed but not thrilled. It still didn't compare to my regular mascaras. The second time I tried it, I was in love.

If you just want some length, one coat is fine. If you want that dramatic volume, two coats is a must.

I had great volume, perfectly separated lashes and a little extra length. The mascara wore all day, didn't flake and is very black.

The downside is that it dried up in about three months. I know that you are 'supposed' to change your mascara every three months but I find that I can go for about six without any problems at all.

The mascara retails for $34 and I personally think that it is worth the cost.

(note: my natural lashes are quite long with minimal volume)

Disclaimer: I have worked with MAC on a professional level for many years and received a lot of my professional training from MAC. However I have never been employed by MAC and this product was paid for with my own money. I am not being paid for this review, all opinions are my own. 

Animal Testing: MAC has always maintained cruelty-free production of products and is against animal testing. There has been some controversy over the past few months but MAC is still maintaining that they do not test on animals. 
Some MAC brushes do contain animal hair. MAC maintains that the hair is is farmed ethically and cruelty-free. 


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