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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sleek Devine 'Storm' Palette

I'm never really interested in buying the 'lower end' eyeshadows. I've tried them all and they just don't compare to my higher end, higher quality shadows. But, surrounding all the hype about the Sleek Palettes, I decided to give one a go.

I can't be sure how much these retail for in the US, but I purchased mine online for $16, which is about the same price as a Maybelline or Covergirl quad.

There are many different palettes of different colours to choose from, I chose 'Storm' because it looked like it had the most wearable shades. The colours are a metallic finish (similar to a Velux Pearl from MAC) except for two matte shades (the third left on the top and fifth left on the bottom). After I opened the (incredibly nice) packaging, I straight away swatched each colour on my fingers and I was impressed but didn't get my hopes up.

I tried the colours the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, etc, etc.
Bottom line, AMAZING quality, nothing like any drug store brand, I couldn't even class this palette as being of drug store quality. The pigmentation is fantastic, they last all day (over primer, I used MAC Bare Study Paintpot) and with the exception of one colour there was no fall out.

The navy blue colour (fourth in on the bottom row) has a lot of fall out, I couldn't make it work without looking like I had bruises over my face, which is disappointing but it's not going to stop me from buying more of these amazing palettes. The only other complaint is from the light matte shade, now I don't really like matte shades in the first place, but the colour pay off of this one is far less than the other colours (third from left, top row)

(swatches found on google images)

Every thing from the product to the packaging is great about this item.
I'm giving it a 9/10, half a point taken from the flakey dark blue, and half a point for the pale matte shade.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

LUSH Lip Scrub

If you don't know what a lip scrub is, it's essentially a sugar based lip balm exfoliant designed to remove dry skin cells from your lips. I've been making my own out of vaseline and sugar for years but it's never really been perfect. When I received an email update about the newest Lush products, as soon as I saw 'Lip Scrub' I was already sold.

If you're unfamiliar with the Lush brand, they are an all natural, all organic skin and body care brand based out of Canada but sold all around the world.

The lip scrub is essentially just sugar and jojoba oil, with a little added flavour, colour and scent.
It's nothing you couldn't whip up yourself at home, but it's just so practical and convenient to buy.

The scrub comes in three scents/flavours, Bubblegum (which smells like Snow Fairy), Mint Julips (which is, of course, mint) and Sweet Lips (chocolate scented). Being a reformed Snow Fairy addict, I fell off the wagon and went straight for Bubblegum.

I love this product. I use it every morning as part of my skin care routine. The jojoba oil nourishes my lips while the sugar exfoliates so I don't end up with dry, raw lips.

$9.95 gets you 25g. I've had mine for about two months with daily use and i've only used maybe 10% of the product.

The only down side of the product is that there is probably a little too much sugar and not enough oil, resulting in the product being harder to pick up and there is a lot that falls straight into the sink (or if you're like me and use it at a vanity, straight down your top).

The good by far outweighs the bad though and I will continue buying the product.