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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Garnier Nutritionist Night Cream

Moisturizing is an essential part of your skin care routine and a night moisturizer is one of the best things you can do for your skin. I'd never really found any type of day or night cream that I really loved, I just had ones that I used. That was, of course, until I tried the Garnier Nutritionist range. Not only am I in love with this cream, but it is the one I would recommend to anyone.

The cream combines equal parts of Magnesium, Omega 3+6 and Lipopeptides.

Magnesium energizes your skin and helps to boost the production of your skins natural skin cells while Omega 3+6 helps the skin defend itself in harsh conditions such as dry weather. In a combination, the two nourish and protect your skin, locking in your skins natural moisture.

Lipopeptides stimulate the production of your skins natural lipids. Lipids are what keeps your skin soft.

On the box it lists that 65% of users had noticably rested skin upon awakening and in 1 month 72% of people had smoother skin and 63% of people saw brighter skin.

These are the effects that the cream had on me:
  • After the first use my skin was noticeably softer.
  • When I woke up the next morning my skin was incredibly hydrated and touchably soft with no oily residue. 
  • After about one week of use my skin was brighter and I looked more awake in the mornings.
  • After two weeks, my skin held on the the dewy glow that this cream was giving me throughout the day and well into the night.
  • After two weeks of use, my skin was incredibly soft, smooth, balanced and nourished. As well as appearing firmer with a slightly more even complexion.

As for the natural side of things, the cream combines extracts from kiwi fruit (which you can smell and it's delicious), rose hip oil and hazelnuts.

Here's the rundown:

Price: $19.95 for 50ml (lasts about 6-8 weeks)
Score: 9/10
Cream Texture and Scent: Thick, like any night cream. Very smooth. Smells good, slight kiwi fruit smell.
Score: 10/10
Does it do what it lists: Yes, very nourishing and hydrating. The only thing I would change is making it a little less oily on application. While the 'oily' feel does disappear it would be nice for it to not be there at all.
Score: 9/10
Quality: High-end quality, I'll continue to buy it.
Score: 10/10

General Comments: This cream quickly became a staple in my skin care routine. It's everything I could ask for in a night cream.

SCORE: 9.5/10

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