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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer


I thought I was getting an amazing bargain when I picked this up at 50% off, turns out, not such a bargain.
But to be fair, i'll talk about the good points first:
  • The coverage is pretty good. It's not full coverage, but it's pretty close.
  • The formula is smooth and glides onto the skin easily.
  • On young skin, the cream would sit smoothly on the skin.

Now, the bad:
  • The staying power is below average, after a few hours it needs to be reapplied.
  • ANY fine lines will be filled in and highlighted, they gather a build up of the cream and it looks horrible.
  • The formula sits on the skin like powder. 
  • It's not smooth, it cakes up and looks like you have 10,000 layers of it under your eyes.
I think on really young, teenage skin, this product would be okay, not great but okay.
For someone in their 20's like myself, it's too harsh and not natural enough for daily wear.

Price: $7.45 (on sale from $14.45 - Australian Dollars)
Score - 10/10
Coverage: Medium/Full coverage, just as it states
Score - 10/10
Application and Feel: Matte to touch, a little bit like chalk. Easy to apply and blend.
Score - 5/10
Last: Lasts a few hours, needs consistent reapplication.
Score 2/10
General Comments: Not a great product for a fresh look, I wouldn't recommend it.

SCORE - 5.5/10

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lancome Eye Shadow Quad


I love cosmetics and nothing beats the smooth texture of a high quality shadow.
This particular eyeshadow quad is a Lancome sample quad that I managed to get my hands on at only a fraction of the cost. 

The colours in the quad are:
Off The Rack - A pale pink metallic, shimmery colour.
Latte - A soft ivory highlighter.
Ciel Du Soir - A dirty matte charcoal colour.
Spontaneous - A romantic berry purple.

I've used this quad almost every day since I bought it and I love it. It's obvious what the colours are for (Off The Rack - Lid, Spontaneous - Crease, Ciel Du Soir - Outer Corner, Latte - Highlighter) and they all work very well with each other.

One thing I love about Lancome shadows is that they are very blend-able, you don't need to work at them for a long time to have them look soft and well blended.

I love this quad and all it's colours but I have to mention how much I am in love with the combination of 'Off The Rack' and 'Ciel Du Soir'.

The effect that the soft, metallic/pearl look of Off The Rack combined with the dirty, matte look of Ciel Du Soir is really pretty and interesting.

(Apply Off The Rack over lid and above the crease, apply Ciel Du Soir in the outer corner and blend it into the crease)

The colours are pretty standard, almost every brand would have something similar. Let me know what you think :)

Finding Your Perfect Eye Make-Up Remover

Removing your eye make-up before you sleep is essential.  
It clears your skin of pore-clogging chemicals and allows it to breathe. It stops your lashes from becoming infected or falling out. Your eyes needs a break at night just like you do, that's why you need your perfect eye make-up remover.

There are six questions that need to be answered when finding a great eye make-up remover:

Does it uncomfortably sting your eyes if it gets in your eye?
Eye make-up removers shouldn't irritate your eyes. You should be able to wipe away make up without having to clench your eyes shut to avoid it getting into your eye. A very slight, very mild stinging sensation that lasts for only 1 or 2 seconds is okay, but if it is uncomfortable, irritating, or painful it's a definite no-no.

Does it leave your eyes red or puffy?
Your eyes should be clean, natural and soft after using an eye make-up remover. If your eyes swell, have a red tinge or become puffy then the make-up remover isn't right for you.

Does it remove make-up easily or do you need to rub your eyes in order to remove make-up?
To remove your eye make-up, you should apply eye make-up remover to a cotton pad and press it against your eye for about 20-30 seconds, it should then be removed in 2-3 strokes of the same cotton pad. Excessive rubbing of the eye causes tissue damage which turns into lines and wrinkles. You should never need to scrub at your eye to remove make-up.

Will it remove water-proof mascaras and eyeliners?
Obviously, if you are someone who doesn't wear waterproof mascara or eyeliner then this doesn't apply to you. But if you do, you need to be aware that waterproof make-up requires a lot more effort to remove which means that you need a stronger make-up remover. Make-up removers designed for water proof make-up will say so on the bottle or packaging.

Is it designed just for eyes?
There is a difference between facial make-up remover and eye make-up remover. Eye make-up remover is a lot more sensitive and designed to be on, near and around eyes. Facial make-up remover has more harsh chemicals to remover dirt and make-up from your skin. Applying facial make-up remover to your eyes can be quite painful or irritating. Many facial make-up removers are also not Ophthalmologically tested.

Is it Ophthalmologically tested?

While all eye make-up removers are required to be Ophthalmologically tested, there are a few that aren't.
What is my skin type? If a product is Ophthalmologically tested it means that it has been through many trials to ensure that it is safe for use on your eyes. They have had to undergo scientific experiments to ensure that your eyes will not be harmed in any way when using the product. This is of vial importance and you should always check that your eye make-up remover is Ophthalmologically tested.
Please don't be confused though by the lack of the words presence on a make-up bottle. Some companies, such as Neutrogena, list on their website that all of their facial care products are Ophthalmologically tested, there for they don't put it on all of their products. Do a little background check online for the product if it doesn't list it's testing on the bottle or package. 

What is your skin type?
If you have oily skin, you need an oil free make-up remover. If you have dry skin, you need a protective make-up remover. If you have sensitive skin, you need a sensitive make-up remover.
If you don't know your skin type, you can have it checked at a lot of make up counters such as Clinique.
Most people have what is known as 'Combination Skin' which means that they have oily places and dry places, or oily places and normal places. When you wake up in the morning, feel your skin. If it is oily or dry, you'll be able to tell.

Most skin-care counters will allow you to test out the products before you buy them, however if you are buying from a drug store or department store, you may not be able to test the product before use.
Finding out which eye make-up remover works for you may take a few attempts and a few different purchases but it is definitely worth it.

Here are my Top 4 Eye Make-Up Removers:

(Pictured from left to right, L'Oreal Bottle varies in different countries)

Garnier Nutritionist Night Cream

Moisturizing is an essential part of your skin care routine and a night moisturizer is one of the best things you can do for your skin. I'd never really found any type of day or night cream that I really loved, I just had ones that I used. That was, of course, until I tried the Garnier Nutritionist range. Not only am I in love with this cream, but it is the one I would recommend to anyone.

The cream combines equal parts of Magnesium, Omega 3+6 and Lipopeptides.

Magnesium energizes your skin and helps to boost the production of your skins natural skin cells while Omega 3+6 helps the skin defend itself in harsh conditions such as dry weather. In a combination, the two nourish and protect your skin, locking in your skins natural moisture.

Lipopeptides stimulate the production of your skins natural lipids. Lipids are what keeps your skin soft.

On the box it lists that 65% of users had noticably rested skin upon awakening and in 1 month 72% of people had smoother skin and 63% of people saw brighter skin.

These are the effects that the cream had on me:
  • After the first use my skin was noticeably softer.
  • When I woke up the next morning my skin was incredibly hydrated and touchably soft with no oily residue. 
  • After about one week of use my skin was brighter and I looked more awake in the mornings.
  • After two weeks, my skin held on the the dewy glow that this cream was giving me throughout the day and well into the night.
  • After two weeks of use, my skin was incredibly soft, smooth, balanced and nourished. As well as appearing firmer with a slightly more even complexion.

As for the natural side of things, the cream combines extracts from kiwi fruit (which you can smell and it's delicious), rose hip oil and hazelnuts.

Here's the rundown:

Price: $19.95 for 50ml (lasts about 6-8 weeks)
Score: 9/10
Cream Texture and Scent: Thick, like any night cream. Very smooth. Smells good, slight kiwi fruit smell.
Score: 10/10
Does it do what it lists: Yes, very nourishing and hydrating. The only thing I would change is making it a little less oily on application. While the 'oily' feel does disappear it would be nice for it to not be there at all.
Score: 9/10
Quality: High-end quality, I'll continue to buy it.
Score: 10/10

General Comments: This cream quickly became a staple in my skin care routine. It's everything I could ask for in a night cream.

SCORE: 9.5/10