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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zoya Matte Nail Polish - Posh

This is the first Matte Nail Polish that I've tried, I know I'm late in jumping onto the trend but I was convinced that I would hate it. I love nail polishes but one thing that I love the most is the shine. The whole point of Matte Nail Polish is that it has no shine at all.

So I bought this Zoya nail polish from eBay and the day it came I took off my original, shiny pink/orange nail polish and replaced it with this one. It's a dark red/plum colour when it's dry, quite a lot darker than the bottle.

The most noticable thing when applying the polish is the speed in which it dries. I could literally watch it dry as I watch the shine fade and the matte effect appear.
I was surprised by the feel of the nail polish, I thought it would feel rough or chalky but it's actually very smooth and nice to touch, almost like velvet.

As for the look, i'm not sold on it. I miss the shine.

The good thing though is if you buy a matte nail polish and you don't like it, you can put any top coat over it and you'll have your shine back.

So here's the run down:

Nail Polish: Zoya 'Posh' Matte Velvet Lacquer #500
Price: $AU11 - Brand New on eBay
Wear: I'm only on day three but there are no chips or cracks which is great, it looks as if it'll wear for at least 6 days.
Texture: Quite a runny formula, two coats is needed and it can get quite messy if you're not experienced at applying your own polish.

General Comments: It's 'okay'. The colour is great, the wear and the feel are great but the lack of shine looks like it's 'half-finished' to me. Maybe i'm just not meant to wear Matte.

Score: 6/10

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