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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Toni&Guy - Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I've tried quite a few Dry Shampoos and this one has to be my all-time favourite.
For those who don't know what a dry shampoo is, it's a spray that absorbs all the oil from your hair that starts to build up a few days after a wash. That way you can get more time between washes while your hair still looks fresh and just washed.

What I've found from most dry shampoos is that they leave your hair feeling chalky and they take away all natural shine and texture. Toni&Guy dry shampoo leaves in moisture and doesn't look or feel powdery.

It does cover up some of the natural shine from your hair, but not so much that you hair looks dry.
It still leaves you with a fresh hairstyle.

The only flaw is that a bottle only has about 15-20 applications in it, depending on how much you use.
It can be purchased from department stores and leading supermarkets.

Here's the rundown:

Price - $14.95
Score - 7.5/10 (It's more expensive than others on the market, but it does a much better job. The only downside in the price is that the bottle is used up quite quickly).
Texture/Feel - Slightly matte but still touchable soft. Erases some shine but doesn't leave hair looking dry.
Score - 9/10
Application Process - A simple spray on the roots of your hair, nothing fussy.
Score - 10/10
Last/Wear - Lasts for about 8-10 hours and is a daily application.
Score - 10/10

General Comments: Like all dry shampoos, it does start to build up after a few days so I wouldn't recommend wearing it for more than 2-3 days in a row. I love this product, it beats all the dry shampoos I've ever tried.

SCORE - 9/10

Garnier Clean Sensitive Eye Make-Up Remover

Now, I don't have 'sensitive eyes', but like any eyes they do need to be taken care of. That is why it's important to have a great eye make-up remover.

The questions you need to answer in order to find a good eye make-up remover are as follows:
  • Does it uncomfortably sting your eyes if it gets in your eye?
  • Does it leave your eyes red or puffy?
  • Does it remover make-up easily or do you need to rub your eyes in order to remove make-up?
  • Will it remove water-proof mascaras and eyeliners?
  • Is it designed just for eyes?
  • Is it Ophthalmologically tested?
Garnier Clean Sensitive Delicate Eye Make-Up Remover ticks off only two of the requirements for eye make-up removers.

It stings. It's not a horrible sting but it does sting your eyes if it gets in your eye. If it stings for me, someone who doesn't have sensitive eyes, I can't imagine how it would feel for someone who does have sensitive eyes. The stinging lasts about 3-4 minutes.

It left my eyes slightly red and the veins in my eyes were more prominent for about an hour after use.

It definitely would not remove water proof mascara, even if I soaked my eye it would not come off. It did remove all traces of eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil though.

The points that it does pass in is that it is Ophthalmologically tested and is designed just for eyes.

I won't continue to use this product.

Here's the rundown:

Price - $6.95 for 150ml
Score - 10/10 - Compared to other leading brands.
Removal - Eyeshadow and pencils only, won't remove mascara or water-proof mascara.
Score - 4/10
Feel - It mildly stings your eyes and is uncomfortable. Leaves eyes slightly red.
Score - 4/10
Residue - Soft eyes, not oily, feels clean.
Score - 9/10

General Comments: While it's a good price, it doesn't work to a good enough extend to be worth the money. It's uncomfortable and won't remove mascara, two big no-no's in my book.

SCORE: 5.5/10

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - Nude Delight

I'm new to nude lips but I do love them. Rimmel makes great lipsticks and this one isn't an exception.
They moisturize like no tomorrow and they last for a descent amount of time.

Nude Delight (#700) is a great nude colour for those who are just figuring out how to use nude lipstick. It still has a bit of a pink/brown shade to it which keeps it simple and not overpowering.

When I bought this lipstick I wasn't sure whether it would have sunscreen in it but it smells like it does.

Heres the rundown:

Brand - Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick
Price - $13.99
Score - 10/10
Colour - Basic, exactly as it looks in the tube and is one solid colour all the way through.
Score - 10/10
Colour Last/Lock - 2-3 hours if there is minimal 'interruptions' such as drinking. It definitely leaves marks on glasses you drink from and does 'kiss-off'. However, Rimmel makes a colour lock formula to go with all their lipsticks that makes it last for hours.
Score - 6/10
Scent/Smell - Smells like a lipstick, nothing special. Smells the same way but with a sunscreen smell included also.
Score - 9/10
Moisture - Very nice, long lasting moisture.
Score 10/10

General Comments: I like it, i'd buy it again in this colour and other colours.

SCORE - 9/10

Zoya Matte Nail Polish - Posh

This is the first Matte Nail Polish that I've tried, I know I'm late in jumping onto the trend but I was convinced that I would hate it. I love nail polishes but one thing that I love the most is the shine. The whole point of Matte Nail Polish is that it has no shine at all.

So I bought this Zoya nail polish from eBay and the day it came I took off my original, shiny pink/orange nail polish and replaced it with this one. It's a dark red/plum colour when it's dry, quite a lot darker than the bottle.

The most noticable thing when applying the polish is the speed in which it dries. I could literally watch it dry as I watch the shine fade and the matte effect appear.
I was surprised by the feel of the nail polish, I thought it would feel rough or chalky but it's actually very smooth and nice to touch, almost like velvet.

As for the look, i'm not sold on it. I miss the shine.

The good thing though is if you buy a matte nail polish and you don't like it, you can put any top coat over it and you'll have your shine back.

So here's the run down:

Nail Polish: Zoya 'Posh' Matte Velvet Lacquer #500
Price: $AU11 - Brand New on eBay
Wear: I'm only on day three but there are no chips or cracks which is great, it looks as if it'll wear for at least 6 days.
Texture: Quite a runny formula, two coats is needed and it can get quite messy if you're not experienced at applying your own polish.

General Comments: It's 'okay'. The colour is great, the wear and the feel are great but the lack of shine looks like it's 'half-finished' to me. Maybe i'm just not meant to wear Matte.

Score: 6/10